PLP Oregon trip

This blog post is about my Oregon trip all of PLP 8 went to Oregon to talk to different businesses and make an ad. This ad is for our exhibition. We will be introducing her add to the different companies to see what they think of it. We are doing this to learn about real world learning into better our talking abilities. This trip taught us to learn outside of a class and to learn more important skills that you will need in your later life. Through this trip the class learned different experiences that will better us. One of  my favourite parts was getting the shrimp from the mud. Me and my partner caught like 10 shrimp. It was fun to catch shrimp and learn about how shrimp work another thing I’d like what we made a robot that goes underwater to search for things that was really fun with you at the same science  place. The only thing I dislike about the trip was how long it was the drive was very, very long, but aside from that I think the trip was very very fun. Another thing I really like what’s going on on the boat, marine discovery when we learned about my life and how it works.

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