🚂Full Steam Ahead 🚂

Welcome back to another Humanities post! I kept forgetting we had to do a post for this project, and I’m sort of running out of time so I’ll do it now. 

This project was all about the Industrial Revolution! We learned about some important innovations from the era, such as the cotton gin ( a device used to quickly remove seeds from cotton fibre) and the automobile. We also learned about cause and consequence. 

One of the first assignments we did was fill in a couple of graphic organizers, one about inventions from the Industrial Revolution, and the other about causes and consequences of James Watt’s steam engine. Here they are:

One of the other parts of this project was writing a formal paragraph, based on a subject of our choice, I chose to do mine on the environmental impacts of the Revolution because I thought it would be interesting. Here’s the notes I took while researching my subject, as well as my finished paragraph:

The final part of this project was to write and perform a slam poem. I was very nervous about this, mainly because I don’t like reading in front of the whole class (at an exhibition, I’m only talking to a few people max and that’s a lot better for me) and I was worried my poem would sound stupid and I’d just embarrass myself. But everything did turn out fine. 

We started by watching a few videos of slam poems and trying to see how we could write our own. 

We had to choose one of these, and fill in a document analyzing it.

After this we started thinking of ideas for our poems, the theme, content, emotional response from the audience, and how we wanted to deliver it. 

Here’s my poem:

Overall, I think I did well in this project, though I think I should’ve done this post earlier because I feel like I’m forgetting something… But other than that, I’m proud of my paragraph, and my poem. I feel I could have done better with the presentation of my poem though. 

Thanks for reading, have a good day! 

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