The Seven Slices

Imagine being able to do a whole project based of pizza?! Well that what I did!! These past months, since DECEMBER, I’ve been doing an amazing project called Destination Imagination, also known as DI. DI has pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways, but It also helped me grow as a team member, presenter, and critical thinker. I learnt many knew things about building and workmanship, along with my team members themselves. I learned how stressful projects can be, but also how rewarding they can be at the end. 

Our team was able to build and create a 8 minute presentation about a daring escape from a pizza restaurant with the help of our daring devices. We got to learn about each of our skills, and how they can be used in our story. For example, In our play Ruby was the brave one, deciding to jump over the pit first. This was our feat of skill. 

The biggest challenge of this whole thing was coming together as a team. Its not easy working as a team of seven, especially since we all had so many different ideas for our presentation. We used things like whiteboards and idea templates to get all of our ideas together, and have the ability to include ideas from every person in our team. 

We met up outside of school, before and after, to successfully get work done. This was the most helpful when it came to actually building the set. It took a ot longer than we thought it would. We messed up our set so many times, we were so close to losing all of it. We had a bit of a late start as we struggled with coming up with the script and idea planning, so we really had to scramble.  In the end, we did manage to get everything built with a bit of cardboard and broken cars. 

By our first dress rehearsal we had nothing built at all. But, by the second one we were still behind, but we had a solid story. It took a really long time to come to where we are today. I am really proud of how far we have come, and how much we had to overcome. 

Another aspect of DI is the instant challenges. Andddd they are exactly what they sound like. Its just a way to grow together as a team. Some are harder than others, but all of them do take some real critical thinking. 

Our final performance was probably the most stressful performance I’ve ever done. We had to go to a different school that was about an hour or so give or take. We met our team in the massive school, and we headed down to the gym to do a few practises. Our whole team made it in time, and everything worked! We headed down to the performance room, I hugged my friends, and we did the performance. It was in a room with all of our parents, and the judges. They were all super nice though! Once we were done, all of our team headed out, and we were all really really happy we were finished. We were not only relived, we were so proud of how far our team has come since the start. 

Thanks for reading my blog, and while your at it, you can also read my other team members blogs too. Dylan, Charlie, Ruby, Evangeline, Owen, and Keaton. Have a good day, –Hannah

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