Interesting images

Presentation 7

DRIVING QUESTION : how might i use the still image to create and communicate through technology?

what are three skills you learned that you found the most useful Why?

I learned 3 skills, angles, views such as Birds Eye view and worms eye view, and learning to edit my photos with drawing programs, such as markup and sketchbook.

I feel like these are the most useful because depending on your angle,it can show emotions like of it were a worms eye view the emotion would probably be fear, but if it was a Birds Eye view your emotion might be happy.

For the editing photos wth drawing programs part, i think that’s important because depending on how you edit an image it tells a different story. If I were to take a picture of me screaming and looking up, i’d look like a crazy person. But if you added a monster in the background, it would show I’m scared of it and running away. Or if i were to add ice cream falling from the sky, you would assume that I’m trying to get some ice cream in my mouth.

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