Winter exhibition reflection

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be sharing with you my experience at the winter exhibition! Lots happened, so let’s hurry.

The first thing we did to start off the winter exhibition was setting up our predictions and making prototypes for what we were going to make to be on display at the exhibition, which was a box! I made a drawing, got done all my predictions and then got started on the box.

In total, I think it took me 3 or 4 days to finish my box. I spent the first day starting the box, painting it and making clay sculptures, then the next day I got to adding the landscape of the box, which was a representation of split worlds,, the na’vi side was colourful and had exotic plants, while earths side was more dull, and had dead plants which i got from the dollar store! The third day I drew a na’vi and a human, finelined and coloured, to put on each side of the box. I also added a few extra things like colourful apples, a giant alien spider, and if you look close enough, you’ll see fish! On the very last day, I painted the outside of the box black, and added some colourful speckles. This got my hands all painty and it hardly worked, but it was good enough to be presented at the exhibition! Now, let’s start talking about what ACTUALLY happened at the exhibition!

The night started off with setting up. Me and my group had a lot of work to do. First, we set up curtains to hide the library walls, ( which is where our group, and anything group were set in during the exhibition ) then, I set up lights all around the table, and got some peers to help me. Next, we got the entertainment out. Games made by our group to be played that represented racism. The room next door had the same game, but it was a way easier than ours. Some girls got some plants in the room to match the vibe we were going with. We shut off the lights, and boom! Our room was all colourful and bright, and was very unique compared to the other rooms. After all this setting up, everyone went off to have pizza. It was okay, i prefer pizza without the cheese but the sauce and pepperonis were very good. During this time, i FaceTimed with my friend who was supposed to be there but wasn’t because they were sick. We talked, but then the exhibition was starting, so we said our goodbyes and hung up.

The start of the exhibition was very busy, and we got lots of visitors! Mostly parents, but a lot of siblings and relatives also!  I was kinda in the dark so lots of people passed by me at the beginning but I learned to force them to notice me by saying hello! The lot of what i said to visitors was “ my box represents racism and inequality between worlds, and people. no matter how similar we are, people will always find a way to hate certain groups of people. “ . Saying this over and over for around 4 hours was a challenge, but i got through it pretty well!

At the end of our exhibition, it was easy to say that i was exhausted. I cleaned up my part of the mess and ditched the cleaning because there was no way that i was staying there for another 10 minutes. I got home, and immediately went to bed. It was the craziest night I’ve probably ever had at school ever, and more is to come.

I do not think I am mentally prepared for this.


What went well?

I think that the beginning went pretty good. I set up lights and took a break. I also think that most of the exhibition went lovely too. I was a master presenter, and I caught peoples attention.

What do you think you could improve on?

I definitely think that the end of the exhibition could have gone a way better. My light went out so i had nothing to show people my presentation with, and overall it was pretty chaotic. I also messed up some decorations on accident. Whoops! Next time, I should be sure that my phone is charged and I know where I’m sitting.