My triptych

Introduction : Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating many innovations that have helped our world today, the triptych I made shows innovations from the Renaissance and before that have been impactful on the world and me. New ideas in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by creating the musket, and the candle. Now, how did these ideas change the world? Well, the musket was a new start for the gun world, new ideas in the Renaissance changed weapons and machinery for the better. Such as the Musket, a long gun that only worked with gunpowder helping create many other types of guns we use today, and the candle was just the beginning of lamps, lights, and other sources of light.. Traditional ideas before the Renaissance can still be seen today, such as the candle. The candle was used as a light source, because there were no energy sources at the time. Before the candle the Romans used oil lamps as a source of light. The oil lamp was made by a wick that was in a container of oil. Today, the candle can still be seen in houses and is reliable in an emergency, but lights in our house are used way more, and are generally a way more quick and helpful when in need of light. To produce the same amount of light as a lightbulb for a candle, you’d need literally dozens of candles. And, it’s worse for the environment, because that amount of candles produce ten times the amount of a regular light! Also, candles are a huge fire hazard. Lightbulb fires can happen way less then candle fires! Light has helped me in a variety of ways without light I would be sad and I would definitely struggle finding things! Ideas today have sprouted from ideas from the Renaissance, like the shotgun. The shotgun is a commonly seen gun nowadays, and instead of using gunpowder, it uses bullets! The shotgun is a big step from the once-used musket. The shotgun is made out of high quality steel, and carefully crafted with drills and shaped with a hammer. Back then, the musket was made with low quality metal, wood, and coal. The musket would often blow up in the user’s face, which was a common defect in guns back then. Nowadays, the shotgun will never let you down, and some shotguns fire multiple bullets at a time?! A musket could never dream of such a thing. Conclusion: Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating many innovations that have helped our world today. These innovations from the Renaissance and before have been impactful on the world and me.

I love what I did with the “ editing my face onto random people “ thing. It saved me a lot of time and effort and I honestly love how it turned out. I also love how I pulled random recent, or old inventions from the internet and just put them into the images. It represents my learning well and it’s also kinda funny at times.
I think that I could improve on where some of the objects are placed, though. Sometimes it looks kind of awkward and weird. I also think I could have spent more time on the background of the triptych, because the colours are kind of ugly.

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