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Hello, I’m Hazel! Welcome back to my blog.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about my first ever Mpol for PLP. Just in case you aren’t sure what an Mpol is, I’ll tell you.

An Mpol is a thing that you do in PLP to finish off the semester. You talk about some of the projects you did, and what you liked about the project and aspects in the project that you would change. You usually present this to a teacher you know and your parents.

Now that you know what an Mpol is, I can talk about my first Mpol!

The first project I’m going to talk about is my crusades presentations! They’re probably my favourite thing that I’ve done this semester.    

I think that almost everything about these presentations were great! I loved how much detail is put into the drawings and the information ( I think ) is greatly worded.

Though, I would change the length of some of the paragraphs in the presentation. I would have also changed the torture slide, because I didn’t put any effort in and honestly, I would have hand drawn it if I had another day to work on it.

Next, I’m going to talk about my “Becoming PLP learner” project.

The things I liked about this project was all the questions in it, and how I answered them. I thing that my illustrations are also amazing. But I would change the lack of colour in this project because it looks bland. But another thing that I really liked about what I did are the three main points, my Dreamboard, my YouTube channel and my user manual. I think that it gives the reader a lot to learn and read about.

  • winter exhibition (setting up for the exhibition, working on your box

And now I’m going to talk about my winter exhibition reflection. I really liked a how I worded everything and formatted everything to looks nice and spaced out,  but I would’ve checked over the grammar and get more input on it before I handed it in. I also like how I added in the images of my box at different angles.

Interesting images- used markup,lighting,brightness, angles. Created inanimate objects

Now, I’ll be talking about my interesting images assignment. I loved a lot about this project, mainly because it required so much creativity in the pictures. Most of what we did was taking pictures and editing them with markup. I really liked the pictures i made, and the editing i did was, I’d say, very creative. I took a picture of a sewer vent and an electrical box, examples of them are below.

I also love how i did my name. The smiley face is a touch that i like a lot! Another thing about the real life mixed with cartoon drawings is how i mixed the monochrome of the drawings with the colour of real life. I love that kind of stuff. Though i love the drawings, i think i could have put in a little more effort.

Now, does this comply with my learning plan?

I’d say that I’m very close! It says that I will eat a healthy breakfast everyday on the learning plan intent, though I actually don’t eat breakfast a lot during the mornings. I am trying to change that! I do think that I am doing a lot of the things that are on the learning plan, so I’d say my work is accomplished! I am not trying to reach for extending, but if I did get an extending grade it would be nice.

What am I proud of, out of all this work?

Out of it all, i think I’m most proud of my writing work. After all, i did a lot of it. I think my writing capabilities have grown drastically over the year so far, and if i had to choose between last years writing and this years, I’d definitely choose this years writing. I just think it’s more creative, and overall the spelling, typing and punctuation are just a thousand times better.

What have you gotten better at over these few months?

I’d say writing again but I’d hate to repeat myself. I think my art advanced during the year, since I’ve had more time to draw inside school. I’ve been able to draw more overall, since a lot of the work in school as actually required art in the assignments. I also have to draw a lot to keep me from dying of boredom, and because my brain might explode if i don’t get my ideas out on paper.

What would you work on in the future?

Now, I think that I have improved a lot on learning about new apps, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I don’t know how to use the calendars app, and it’s one of the first apps on the iPad that you get. I am really bad at using things, and we’ve been using it for like, a month now. What I’m trying to say is, I should practice at using apps that I haven’t used before so i can be prepared when we do actually use them.

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