Running a remake

In one of our PLP classes, we were given a week to remake a short horror film, called run. The link to the original movie is right here! It’s only about a minute and 30 seconds long.


Anyway, onto why I made this post in the first place… the remake! We were given the task to remake the short movie run, with minimal filming knowledge and experience… and if im being honest, it was very fun. Though I hadn’t done much in the first phase of the filming and editing, I did help in the second. BUT, we are also not talking about the remake of the remake (which we did do!). We are talking about the regular old remake.

Now, for the beginning of our remake, it was a Wednesday. We were ordered just the day before to bring costumes and props, to make the film look as similar as possible to the original. I wasn’t an actor in the first section of filming, in fact, I was supposed to be filming, but that role was quickly taken from me by another person in my group. Shame!

The next day, on Thursday, I wasn’t in class. I had to stay home that day due to medical difficulties. Fortunately, I am better now… not really but I’m getting there- but I wasn’t able to help edit or film the rest of the video. Big bummer. Anywho, I was there for the next week of filming! Which was the remake of the remake.. but that’s not this blog’s subject!

Thank you for reading this short summarization of my remake video!


Alberta blog post #2: Book!

Hello! Welcome to the second part of my Alberta trip posts! If you came from the first post, welcome back! If you just got here, GO BACK AND READ THE FIRST ONE!!

Anywho. While my first Alberta blog post was about the videos I made, this one is about my book! And you’re probably wondering: “You made a BOOK?!” And my answer is yes! Not officially published in book stores, but we’re getting there! My 25+ page long book is about what i did on the Alberta trip, and how i documented almost everything I did. Before reading, I suggest you read my book!

Now that you’ve read my book, and know what I am talking about, its time to talk about it.

The first few pages, (Specifically pages 1-9) Are generally introduction pages, about what geography means and what made and makes the west. Fun fact, I actually messed up the page of contents, and I have 29 pages, not 27. So please ignore that.

For the next-next few pages, it talks about the places I went to (The next 15 pages)

When I started these parts of the book, it was day 2 of the trip. When I finished? About 2 weeks after. This book took a very long time to complete this book, just so you know. SO YOUD BETTER ENJOY IT!!!! These pages were supposed to have 1 picture on the picture parts, but I added multiple. So… I was practically exceeding! Practically…

and for the last pages, 25 through 28, there were my videos. My trip videos, to be exact. And if you already read my last blog post, you’d know that I had already talked about my trip videos! And if I hadn’t told you yet, I’m going to tell you now, that the videos were my favourite part about the trip. It wasn’t the Golden skybridge, nor any of the other fun places we went to… (aside from the hot springs by that huge mountain. That was the best, but worst feeling in my life when I first went there.) The videos were extremely fun for me, and I could honestly talk about them all day, but I need to finish this post, so…

And, to answer the driving question… how has the west shaped who we are? Well, in my book, there are lots of examples of this. From the people to the mountains, I could  only choose one thing, and that thing… is trains. Trains were a very important way to transport not only people, but goods and services all around Canada. It was quick, at least, it was quicker than anything else they had at the time, and it was.. simple?
The railway system was also a big part of Alberta’s history, due to the railway system pretty much making Alberta what it is today. Cool, right?

Now, the end of my blog post. As I’m sitting in bed writing this, I’m rethinking of everything that happened during my Alberta trip. Would I have rather stayed home? At the time, yes, but now I realize that this trip was important. Not only important for my learning, but also important for my legs. Because I really need exercise. And I got to do it! My back and my legs hurt for most of the trip but at least I was fit, right?

Alberta blog post #1: Videos!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, and if you’ve never been here before, hello! I am Hazel, and this is my blog.

The beginning of this year was tough. The toughest part was definitely travelling to Alberta. I was scared of leaving my family for such a long time, even though it was only for a week. But, i am typing this now, so I’m obviously alive and well. Enough rambling, lets get on with the trip, shall we?

As soon as we made it to our first stop, we got to work. Our first stop was.. Two valley gap. The ghost town! Definitely one of my favourite stops out of the many. The first thing we were required to do was look around the town. Get our bearing before we had to do our first video; our silent video! Our silent video was probably the second most fun for me (and my group, since this was a group video). Our silent video was about a murder in a bank, and its a comedy! I will share it soon…

The silent video took about an hour or so the finish filming, and after that, we went inside of our hotel… it was a spooky hotel, thats fro sure. We had nachos and salsa, and i went to bed happy…

The second video we worked on was our investigative video. You’re probably thinking, “wait… what is that?” Well, im going to tell you!

While we were at Alberta, we were supposed to take interviews. We were supposed to interview people, basically on why they came to Alberta! I am not the best at interviewing people, so I got some help… but I did end up doing both my interviews.

One of my interviews was done in the Columbia ice fields, and the second was done in the Revelstoke Railway Museum. I was supposed to do an interview at the golden skybridge, but plans were altered.


And, of course, my final video… my favourite video! My fun tiktok video! My TikTok video definitely took the most drawing effort, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. While people were filing themselves doing dances, I just… took selfies of myself! I didn’t work on my TikTok video for the entire time, aside from taking photos. And when I got home, I began to draw! That’s right! One of my videos includes DRAWING!!! Because I DRAW and I AM AN ARTIST!!! How cool is that??
Anyway. My TikTok video was definitely the most loved by my teachers, I even got an exceeding grade… check it out!

And there we have it. My videos… all very cool, and very creative videos… I have one question for you now! Which one was your favourite?

Keep an eye out for my second blog post about Alberta! It should be coming out by Tuesday next week…