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Hello! Have you ever wondered what it was like living in medieval times? I haven’t until in our class we started learning about medieval Europe! The first thing we did was read a book called book of the lion. After reading a few chapters, we were put into groups, and had to fill out different assignments and then share them with our group. Another thing that we learned about was the feudal system. The feudal system is a hierarchy system. At the bottom were the peasants who worked for the land owners, which were the nobles. The middle class were knights And military service. The higher class were lady’s and nobles which were vassals to the king, and the highest class was the king himself who owned everything in the land. The next assignment we worked on was called art chart: the art chart was an assignment where we would have a worldview like education, and you would have to choose the best paintings for that worldview, why it’s the best painting worldview, and how it connects to our worldview now.
But what is worldview?
worldview is the way view the world and what it is.       Everything you do and say can effect your worldview.

our last assignment was an assignment called artwork starring YOU! In this assignment we had to choose a painting from our art chart, and put our face in the painting. For this assignment we had to edit, and cut.

driving question:

our driving question is: what can we learn from the past and how can we apply it today?

To start this off hierarchy still exists. Just not in the exact way. Then it was based on your job. So let’s say you were lower class in medieval times, but you were super rich, you would still be lower class. But now let’s say your a barista at Starbucks but you have millions of dollars: you would be high class because you have money.

that is what I have learned through this project.






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