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About Me 😽

Hi! Welcome to my about me post, where you’ll learn all about me, myself, and I – First a quick background check. Ive lived in Vancouver all my life, born and raised. I have two younger sisters and I used to have 2 cats and dog!

My favourite experience in PLP so far?

Some of my favourite experiences in PLP so far would be the field studies, they’re one of the main reasons I joined PLP and I’ve definitely enjoyed them! My favourite one would have to be Florida but our 2nd trip to loon lake comes in at a close second – they were both amazing experiences that both taught be different valuable things and have left me with tons of great memories.

  • Claire munching in the loon lake dining hall

A couple fun facts about me!:

I like to do art! A lot of mixed media but my favourite forms to work with would be physical media’s like watercolour and acrylic – Things like that. I also enjoy creating digital art but physical media would still be my favourite, here are some pieces I’ve created:

Another fun fact about me is I love the ocean and have considered being a marine biologist and am still thinking about it now even though I have my heart pretty set on archeology! My favourite animals are aquatic animals and are closely tied but the whale shark would have to come first with manta rays at a close second.

What’s the life plan so far?

Right now im planning to go to either UVIC or Miguel to study archeolgy! Archeology is a really strong feild of interest for me and I’d love to go out and discover somthing or study artifacts – they both seem extremley interesting for me. (but marine biolgy isnt out of the question)

My favourite books?

I loved this book, I thought it was the perfect ending to this series!

This book made me cry on a plane, I loved the how it went back and forth between the past and present and also the vauge cliffhangers at the end of the chapters that would just make you keep reading – also the plot twist at the end was insane.

The book Whitches was my favourtie book when I was a kid and old enough to read a full (kid sized) chapter book on my own, and will hold a place in my heart forever.

Thank you taking a minute to learn abit about me! (to Ms. Willemse there will be no promises to update this regularaly but ill try)

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