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Are We All Sexists?

Was William Shakespeare a raging sexist? Or was he just a very progressive feminist of the Elizabethan era? Ok so you’re probably very confused right now. Welcome back to another one of my signature reflection posts. This unit we studied… Continue Reading →

Empowerment or Objectification

Hi welcome to TWIL #4 and let me tell you this has been a really good week for my learning. We started the week by watching the music video to “Man it feels good to be a woman” by Shania… Continue Reading →

Perfecting Citations

Welcome everyone to TWIL number 3!! Now this week of reflecting on amazing, brilliant, inspiring in class learning we did, I’m instead going to focus on some one on one revisions I did with Ms Willemse. Now you might be… Continue Reading →


Hello everyone and welcome to, you guessed it, TWIL NUMBER 2!! Our class’s main focus this week was beginning The Taming of the Shrew, a classic Shakespearean play. As someone who had never heard of this play and had also… Continue Reading →

Mean Girls

Hi everyone and welcome to my first TWIL post! TWIL stands for “this week I learned” so in other words, welcome to my first of many weekly reflections! This week we started a new project about women’s suffrage and one… Continue Reading →

History of my Home

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog post of grade 11!! After two months of summer where I did pretty much nothing (just like the rest of quarantine) I’m really excited to get back to my learning. Plus now… Continue Reading →

Zoom to Action

Hi everyone and welcome back to another school blog post quarantine edition. In this unit we thought of, planned, researched, and executed a call to action to help our earth. That’s right we became environmentalists from our very own bedrooms…. Continue Reading →

Living Through History

Hi everyone and welcome back to what you probably assume is just another blog post summarising a unit same as always right? Well you would be wrong. While this is a blog post summarising a unit, the unit was done… Continue Reading →

Are Immigrants a Minority?

Hi folks, it’s Izzy again, I know it’s been a while. Today I’m here to write about my most recent unit in Humanities. In this unit we talked all about how lives for minorities have changed since WWII. Now to… Continue Reading →

To Parody or Not to Parody?

In our most recent humanities project we took a peak into the mythical and magical world of Shakespeare. That’s right, we read, watched, and performed parts of the classic Romeo and Juliet. This was possibly one of my favourite projects… Continue Reading →

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