Pandora’s Box

Avatar is a movie that takes place on Pandora, a planet not far from earth with the most beautiful atmosphere and surroundings you’ve ever seen. It’s the home of the Na’vi people, an indigenous tribe that has made a home in the ferocious jungles. This movie was what our winter exhibition was based upon.  And as my winter break starts, I can’t help but reflect on my experience and the workload that was done to create it.


We started working on it around the middle of November, planning every detail into a launch journal which we kept for reference. It was all very new, the idea of the exhibition, the planning of my box and the writing explanations for it. In class, all of us participated in numerous of writing and presenting assignment, preparing us for the exhibition. We only had 3 weeks to work on it, so most of the time was spent planning, so eventually we would have a great idea about the theme and creation of our box. 


 The building process didn’t start until December 2, leaving us one week to for construction. The next week was a blur of modelling clay, paint of all colours, glue guns and shoe boxes.  Everyone had tons of work to do, and with only an hour and a half each day, we worked the whole time. My box was simple to do, just paint the inside and glue moss on all the surfaces, so most of my time was occupied with making the braid and the plants, the main focus of the box. It took lots of clay in a variety of colours,but the end result was worth it.


Once the boxes were done, we had 3 days to make our rooms the best example of our theme possible. My room theme was Spiritually and the connection the Na’vi have with the animals and land around them. We had black lights spread across the room, earthy decoration all around and the pope in the middle was wrapped in green and brown fabric, representing the home tree. We had drinks and food, face-painting for everyone and beautiful tables with all of our projects on display.


 The night was so fun, showing everyone my project, interacting with people curious about avatar and getting to see my peers boxes. It was extremely rewarding with all the complement and support from everyone, and I can’t wait to do it again!

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