Mind Over Matter ⚛️

This semester in science was my favourite by far, and here’s why!

Keystone 1.  Who Am I?

In the first keystone , we learned about mass, volume, and density. We discovered that mass is the amount of matter in an object, volume is the amount of space the object takes up, and density is the measure of how tightly packed the matter in an object is. We learned how to calculate these measurements using various formulas and by using different equipment like triple beam balances and rulers. We also saw how these measurements differ for different objects of the same size and how they can be used to identify materials. Our project was to measure an object of our choosing, me choosing my phone, and find the mass, volume, density, physical properties, and qualitative and quantitative observations. This was a fun project and taught us how to discover the dimensions and mass of different objects.


Keystone 2.  Gummy Bear Diffusion 🍬🧸

In the second keystone, we dissolved gummy bears in different types of water to see how they were affected by the different states of matter. We learned that hot water dissolves gummy bears faster than cold water, fizzy water didn’t dissolve at all, and ice freezing the gummy bear.  We also saw how the gummy bears changed shape and mass during the dissolution process. They all grew in the end of the experiment, cold water being the biggest and hot water being the smallest and the only one that was semi-dissolved. This project was really fun, and we got to observe the bears as they were affected by matter. 


Keystone 3.  Scratch Video Game 🎮

In the third keystone, w had to make video games, so I made mine about about the different states of matter, including plasma. We used scratch to code our games, and that was not an easy task, but we figured it out. The process itself was very straightforward, but the coding took a bit of time, so I needed help form my fellow classmates for some of the codes. Everyone’s end result was amazing, each unique to the creator and still showing the aspect of states of matter. This project taught us about the creative process of making video games and how to make educational material engaging and interactive.

My video game ⬇️


All these keystones were so fun to do, and helped my understanding of the states of matter and the mass in and around them. 

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