“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”


Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

As I stand here and think about the past school year, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment wash over me. It’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by so quickly.  As a student, I have experienced a wide range of emotions over this year – excitement, anxiety, joy, frustration – you name it. But despite all the ups and downs, I can honestly say that this has been a transformative year for me in many ways. It’s been a unique year, and I want to take a closer look at what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown as a result of my experiences.

To go back to my mPOL at the beginning of the semester, I talked a lot about how I had always felt as if my opinion should only be expressed outside of school, and that my work should show what I think the teachers wanted to hear. But now, I have started expressing my opinions more and more, which has not only helped my work but made me a good leader in other people’s eyes. I think that point was a really good learning skill for me in the fall, and it will help me feel good about my work for many years to come. 


One strength that came up this semester was my perseverance. I knew I had some, but it was tested throughout the PLP 8 trip to Oregon. During the trip, we were faced with a lot of challenges, from working with new people on quests to being flexible as we travelled all around Oregon. At times, I was exhausted and wanted to go home, but I pushed through and kept going. I realized that my perseverance not only helped me feel better about my learning but also inspired me to enjoy all of what our head teachers had planned for us. This realization gave me a sense of pride and motivation to continue pushing through the days to come. Some days were hard, from being tired, thrown into new surroundings every day, and never knowing where you might end up. I feel as if the trip made me appreciate getting to learn and grow as a student by putting us into these situations, and I think this has changed my outlook on learning for the better. Overall, this experience strengthened my belief in my abilities and taught me that perseverance can truly make a difference in achieving our goals.


Growing points

One of my biggest growing points this semester is when we were assigned to make video games. I love science, and the context around the game, different states of matter and how they affect us, I loved learning about that. But coding games are not a strength for me. I procrastinated so much, trying to think of a way to figure out how to create a game, I started to fall behind. But I watched a few videos on YouTube, asked my teacher and peers, and spent hours on it, and I finally figured it out. I do have to give a special shout-out to Finn, who helped me with the fine-tuning of the coding process, and without him, I would have a half-finished video game. I now have lots of respect for coders and video game designers. The entire creation process was not made for the faint of heart, but it was a good learning and growing experience for me and will come in handy in the future. 


I am adding a new category to my list of strengths and areas to grow, which includes reflecting on my accomplishments from the past year. I am proud of how much I have grown as a learner, specifically in public speaking, collaboration, and time management. I overcame my fears and gained confidence, learned the importance of collaboration, and improved my time management skills even more. Reflecting on these accomplishments reminds me that growth is continuous and I am excited to continue developing as a learner in the future. Both exhibitions, my mPOL and even my blog posts are all evidence of how I have grown as a learner. From being a student who wrote their assignments for the teacher’s preferences to express my feelings and opinions, or even the confidence I hold, are all signs that I am heading in the right direction, and make me extremely excited for my future years in PLP.  


The driving question puzzled me for a while, but I now am certain that I have figured it out. This last year has been crazy in the best and worst ways, which have caused lots of opportunities for growth and learning moments. I have learned skills I never thought I could comprehend, let alone master. From becoming more confident in my own opinions, to directing an audience, to even writing a blog post. I know that these are just the beginning of my learning and discoveries, and I feel as if I can’t wait to experience them all. So to answer the driving questions, I don’t feel ready at all, but I have tools and experiences that can help me along the way, and that’s as ready as I can be.

Pathways! Our Spring Exibition!

As I reflect on the past school year, I can’t help but think about the succession of the Spring exhibition and the phases I went through to get there.

Beginning and Planning:

When the project was first announced, I was exited and eager to start right away. The first few weeks after that, before we went on our field study, we did all the research and planning. We looked into the history of our establishment, what customers they wanted to attract, and what questions we would ask them once we got there. I was assigned Kam Meng, a Chinese restaurant in Newport, Oregon, that had a fascinating story behind their restaurant.

The wife grew up in China, and from a very young age, she had a deep love for music and wanted to play all her music she wrote. Her parents weren’t supportive of this dream, and wanted her to become something different. So when she moved to Oregon for school, she saved $1200 dollars to visit her fiancé and family. But instead of going back to China to visit, she bought a piano, finally living out her dream. She played everyday in her apartment, hoping one day she could play for someone who would understand her music. 

When her and her now husband got married, they opened a Chinese restaurant called Kam Meg, named after him. The first few years were hard, they worked long shifts to get through, hoping to get more attention from nearby people. The worked and worked, but one day, all their money got stolen, sending them into a bad place. Their daughter slipped into a depression and everyone was blaming her. One day, they decided to move her piano to the restaurant, so they could have more space in their apartment they were barely affording.

The wife started playing the piano again when the restaurant wasn’t busy, showing her love for music had still remained. But as she kept playing, more and more people came into their restaurant, and they started becoming more and more popular. The couple are retired now, but the piano still rests in the restaurant, reminding the customers of good times. Even if she’s not here at the restaurant anymore, the same cozy and family friendly atmosphere remains.



Once we get to Kam Meng, we learn lots of little details about the restaurant to make our ad represent them. Their colour scheme is black, white and green with little pops of colour. They wanted their famous seafood hotpot to be in the ad, along with bamboo. They wanted our ads to be informative but casual, and show the family-friendly side of it. So once we got back to Vancouver, I started immediately on my ad.


Creating an ad is very difficult. When I made my first draft, I thought I had gotten the idea right away, but i was very wrong. It took me at least 8 try’s to get something half decent, let alone good enough to present. Lots of changing colours, positioning photos and adding bamboo later, and I arrived at my final draft. It was a long process, but I was extremely pleased with my product, and was excited to move on to the exhibition.

Planning our station

When it was time to design and plan our table, the first task was to assign a DRI (designated responsible individual) to your group. Everyone decided that I would be the best DRI, so I started to plan and give people tasks. We stuck to the colour scheme and ideas Kam Meg gave us, and everything was starting to look really good. 

We decided to incorporate Kam Meg’s idea of using black, white and green, so we found green table clothes and made fake bamboo to use as decorations. We wanted to keep it simple yet casual but still show the best of Kam Meng, so we made our snack table a piano, symbolizing the importance of it.

As the DRI, my job was to ensure that everyone was on track with their tasks and that everything was coming together as planned. I would regularly check in on each group member and provide feedback to ensure that everything was meeting our expectations.

Exhibition day

In the end, our table looked amazing! The table really brought our ideas to life, and it felt like we showed everyone what Kam Meng can do. We were all proud of what we had accomplished together, and it was clear that our hard work and dedication had paid off. The exhibition was so fun, getting to see what my classmates created and how we all expressed our ads with such confidence. It was such a great experience, and I’m already looking forward to the winter exhibition next school year!


How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society?

Advertising creates a desire for a product by highlighting its benefits and uses language, imagery and emotion to make it desirable. It reaches a wide audience through different mediums and can influence what society values and aspires to. It can also create a lifestyle or culture associated with a product. It’s a tool that’s not only useful, but will help you reach lots of people at once. Advertising plays a big role in shaping consumer behavior, values, and attitudes. For a small business like Kam Meng, advertisement could help them reach new customers and show off their various food options.