Getting to know me!

Hi! If you have selected this page, you are about to learn a lot about the person behind this blog. My name is Izabelle, but everyone calls me Izzy, and I am a PLP student at Seycove. Some of my favourite things to do are listening to music, hanging out with my friends, basketball, watching tv, playing the trumpet and singing.  I love exploring, so I enjoy going on walks at night and adventure around Vancouver during the day. 

I have a dog named Benji who I love so much, I play basketball on a team, my favourite pastime is debating with my friends, and I have a great love for cooking and baking. I take great joy in debate and one day want to turn that into a profession. My family and I travel lots, so it is what fuels my love for exploration and adventure.  I want to travel all around the world when I’m older, and bring back a souvenir for my house from every place I explore.  

Fun facts about me 

  • I am graduating in 2027
  • My favourite animal is a butterfly
  • I have a deep hatred for the crab from the movie Moana 
  • I dislike avocado, watermelon & the word brunch
  • I am afraid of ostriches
  • And I am part Ukrainian

My favourite shows are Brooklyn Nine Nine, Stranger things & How I Met Your Mother, and my favourite movies are Princess Bride and Enola Holmes. My goals in life are to own 4 dogs when I’m older, live in a home I bought myself, skydive through clouds, and finally learn how to ski. So, I hope you learned some more about your favourite blog, and enjoy all the interesting topics I am going to indulge in. I hope you find my blog as funny as I do!