Geek out about planes

How to get started with geeking out about planes. The first step is to know what a plane is eco use if you don’t then nothing will make sense. My next step would be to learn how planes fly, you old i ether watch a video or read a book on how plane fly, perhaps there are some people you know who could teach you. For the third step you should familiarize your self with certain terms such S names like the, yoke or the saying pull up, increase throttle or taxi to the run way. To learn these things you could ask peers about different phrase and what they mean or watch a video on airplane terminology. This step is optional but you could download a Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can get this ion a pc or a gaming console. This step is not as important as some of the others but it is useful, know the names of different types of planes and how to identify them. The easiest way to learn this one is to take a Quiz online and see how well you did then do it a few time and see if you start to get better. Now this one here is for if you really want to Greek out. You could go yo your local airport and sit by the end of the run way and watch the planes take off and land and truly to name the planes and if you Dante to take it to the next level name the Airline of the plane if the pane does not already have tThe full name on it.



Seven thing you might not know about planes 

Number one, You lose out on a third of your taste buds during flights

Airline foods are not bad just because airlines hire bad chefs and make cheep. Is because About a third of your taste buds are numbed in altitude . This also has the effect of enhancing the savory flavors in tomato juice. Wich  a big reason why people crave Bloody Marys and think they taste so much better on planes.

Number two, It’s impossible to lock yourself in the bathroom

You ever notice how the flight attendants flip a little switch on the lavatory door before takeoff and landing? That switch locks the door so it won’t fly open and can be flipped on or off at any time. If you thin k your safe smoking in there your not. But next time you in a plane wash room know if you stay in to long and there a line a geek might try to get in

Number three, You lose 8 ounces of water from your body for every hour you fly

That dry air saps the water from your body it averages out to about 8 once of water per hour you fly. Which, if you do the math, is roughly a two-liter bottle during a 10-hour long-haul flight. Erin k allot of water on the plane or after you might fell sick

Number four, Pilots and co-pilots are required to eat different meals

They eat different meals just in case the egg in the egg salad have gone bad the co-pilot will have had a turkey sandwich so he wont get sick or even pass out.

Number five, Airplane air is as dry as the Sahara

You may have noticed how your hands get dry and your throat feels like sandpaper when you fly. That’s because the pressurized air in the cabin is kept below bone-dry 20% humidity. Which is  just about the average humidity of the Sahara.

Number six,At any given time, there are 9,700 planes and 1.2 million people in the sky

The exact numbers, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware, are on average, 9,728 planes with a total of 1,270,406 people. That would make the skies the 156th most populous place (country you could say) in the world, right between Estonia and East Timor.

Number seven,A boing 767 holds 1,200 minivans worth of fuel

That’s 23,980 gallons, and it can be filled up in 28 minutes. It also puts enough air through its engines to fill a Goodyear Blimp in seven seconds.


My reflection



How did the blog post go? 

I found that they blogging post went quite well. When writhing about stuff that i like, the words just coke into my head 

How  was this differs from what you’ve done on you blog  so far? Did you feel like you whee writing for? Did that influence your writing 

Did you enjoy creating this page?

Making this page was really fun. I enjoyed writing about what i like also other people red my blog and sai8d they liked that too, so i made so more friends.

What did you learn about your self based upon this experience?

I learn how much i really like planes. This thought me allot about how i should reaaly try to get my pilots license.

What part was the hardest for you? Why?

The hardest part was when i was writing the 7 random fact about planes i got stuck on the seventh one and could think of one.

What part was the easiest?why?

The easiest part was the first section because the words a wrote just came to me with out thinking.

Will you continue to post in you blog? Why or why not?

I think I’m going to continue to write about planes in my blog for a bit