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June 2018

Tpol post 2018

  So today in this TPOL blog post I will taking about a few things, first what I have to work on in order to succeed and become a better student (there’s a lot). Secound, I will show some of my… Continue Reading →

DI provincials

DI provincials sounds like a big deal? Not really even if you come last in regionals you go to provincials. It was a decent experience though, because two of Our Group members canceled out so it was just me and Jordyn lone rangers… Continue Reading →

Launch sports!!!!!

Welcome to another blog post with Jackson, today we are going to talk about a sport we made. Little do you know its harder to make a sport than you think. We used a new process to make this sport,… Continue Reading →

Science with Sheloah V2

This is my reflection of light. I will be talking about the role of Islamic scholars in our understanding of light and its ray properties, light as a partical and as a wave and the roles of light on earth…. Continue Reading →

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