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November 2018

Take your kid to work day

I have been looking foward to this day for awhile now ever since my sister did it. This year I got to visit my pops work, my father works at RBC and he is the manager of a firm in… Continue Reading →

Live event post

The latest project we did in maker was the the live event project. In this project we had to document a sports event of an live event that you visited.   For my live event I chose mountain biking because… Continue Reading →

Matphor Machine

In this unit are job was to build a machine with a series of event that were metaphors for a revolution that we were given. In my groups case we got the Russian revolution. Once we had completed we were… Continue Reading →


How could steampunk influence the Mountain bike community? In this post I am going to answer this driving question. I will cover the similarities and the differences of the mountain bike community and the steampunk community.   The mountain bike… Continue Reading →

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