In this unit are job was to build a machine with a series of event that were metaphors for a revolution that we were given. In my groups case we got the Russian revolution. Once we had completed we were tasked to make a video on the whole experience and about all the metaphors that the machine had in side it.

There was also a cool twist to this project. We had to make the aesthetic of all the events and the board we made it on, steampunk if you don’t about the steampunk festival and community I have another post on that.


To sum it up the steampunk aesthetic is kind of like gold and bronze and rusty colors and they use the technology from the olden days like steam engines and typewriters.



Our revolution was a very big event which is why it was a revolution, they don’t call some little thing a revolution. The Russian revolution killed the Tsarist autocracy and lead to the rise of the Soviet Union aka communism. We explains  the whole revolution and all the metaphors in the video so keep scrolling to see it all play out.

This project was very interesting and to be honest I was very confused at the beginning we our teacher told us what we would be doing. I had no idea what steampunk was or even how a metaphor really work, but the setup was very good because we eased into it by making our own metaphors and practicing using them then we reasearched steampunk and what that was all about. Then we brought it all together to make the ultimate metaphor machine.