I have been looking foward to this day for awhile now ever since my sister did it. This year I got to visit my pops work, my father works at RBC and he is the manager of a firm in dominion security’s for the down town branch. My dads specific work does a whole event for this day and I will be glad to talk about it.

The day started at 7:45 am, little bit early for my liking but it will have to work. We were first served some hot coco and then briefed for the day. There was a specific part I was looking foward too which was the stock picking contest. The stock picking contest was crucial and I needed my name on that trophy but things went a bit sideways. The company we picked was google and google has been doing really well lately everything was good there numbers were up it should have been a walk in the park.

We were obviously talking over this presentation. The other competitors didn’t even have a presentation to show and they just repeated them selves, so other than that the day was super fun.

While we were at my fathers work a professional athlete came an talked to us about the RBC athletes program which means once athletes finsish there sports and retire RBC will help them find other jobs and places to work for the duration of there time of this earth we call home. The athlete we met was a bronze metal velodrome rider which is when they ride around in circles on the off axis walls. 

This day was not completely based around just my dads work it was more of all the areas of the  dominion securities downtown which was really cool because I got a taste of every part which gave me the idea of where I might want to go in the future. Some of the jobs were more interesting than others but they all do an equal part.