Hey everyone I’m back for another post its is about my identity. For this unit the driving question was how does the land influence our identity? The outcome of this project was to be a video about how the land influences our identity.

Idenity is a really cool thing and is always influenced by The terrain you have access too. If you want to learn more about that then you can visit my other post on idenity.


Identity has a new identity


In this post I will mostly talk about the project and the process of the the video making. We did not just hop right in to making the video there were many steps and procedures to this project. First made a video as a group about the community we live in affects all the people of deepcove and what the majority of the people are interested in and thrive for. That video is linked in my other post if you want to check it out.

After around a week we knew all about our identity and how deep cove shaped our idenity. Shortly after we were familiar our idenitys we took a ten day trip to Alberta and Calgary to learn about about how the different landscapes shaped the people of the place we visited and that’s where the final video came in. In this video we were tasked to not only talk about our idenity but also the ones of three of the places we visited and how there idenity was shaped. So enjoy 😊