Driving question: How am I going to progress as a learner by the end of the school year?



Hi welcome to my MPOL post, we have done lots of fun work this year we have been to Calgary, shaped fossils, traveled through buffalo ranchs.The most interesting was probably the metaphor machines project because it was really fun to build and be as creative as we want. Sometimes the metaphor machine project was a bit frustrating because you could set up everything just for one thing to fail but we all know failing is only our first attempt at learning. My least favorite project this year was probably the chemical stories because I am not really into the animating and editing kinda stuff I prefer hands on work that really intrigueds you.

Matphor Machine

You can check out my metaphor machines post to learn more about the project and the process it took to build it.


What I have done well: 

Believe it or not I have done a couple things well this year, the first being the  currrent project we are working on right now in scimatics which is the creating a card game using exponent laws. This project is interesting because it forces you to be creative because you are coming up with a brand new card game that has never been played before, instantly I thought of game that I was trying to make when I was on chritmas break, and it finally is coming together. The game is not like any normal card game though because it uses exponents and we had to add exponent laws into the game. We did a first run through of our game and it completely failed so it is time for revision which is one of the things I love about PLP getting another try to improve your work. You can click the link below to access my partners blog.


Another project that was successful done by Jackson Floe was the take your kid to workday because I had been looking forward too it ever since my sister did it in grade 9, the day consisted of many things here is the schedule for the day.


I’m going to take you on a journey of what I did well during this day, the first thing is that if you answer a question or say something to the public speakers you got a Tim hortons gift card so I left the room with two of them suckers so I would say that is a job well done from me. The real part of the day was the stock picking contest, this consisted of you picking a publicly traded company like google or apple etc. Our task was to try and promote the stock and try to prove that it was better, the stock that we chose was the google stock we made a kickass presentation on this stock but the one problem is we made a google pitch on a apple device. You can check out the presentation and the full day at my dads work by clicking the link down below.

Take your kid to work day

Things I need to work on: 

There is definitely more things need to work on than things that I have done well, which can be good because it is more satisfying when you get on top of it. One of the biggest things I need to work on is organisation, because if I know exactly what I need to do Ill have a better chance of getting it done by when it’s due rather than figuring out what the project is about past the due date. There are several tools that can help to keep me on task and organized, such as things which I am starting to get the hang of. Another helpful organization tool would be to write what I have to due and the due date on the chalk board in my living room because then whenever I walk by it I know what I have to do and when it has to be done by. My lack of organization has made me forget work that’s due such as the blogging challenges I would forget to do them then forget which one I had to do and which ones I had already done.

Things I have improved on: The last Mpol I did I talked all about my procrastination problem, I belive I have gotten over that stage. When I first got back from summer break I went back to all my bad habits, I just slacked off and did not do any work. Recently in the second term I have been starting my work right when I get it, and If its going to be late I always text my teacher and or talk to them in class.


Conclusion: Thank you for watching my Mpol I plan to improve on everything I talked about and to come back for my tpol ready to tackle the next stage in my learning.