Hi welcome back, in this unit we visited the history of a man named Louis Riel. Some believed him to be a hero some believed him to be a criminal all I belive is that the book is about him is boring.

The project we were doing was a novel study, so each week we would write a summary about the section of the book we just read.

First: I will talk a bit about the history of Louis riel. The way it starts in the book is he is at the Métis camp where he lives, but different from most of the Métis Louis Riel went to school so he knows how to speak English. So one day some surveyors come by and are serveying the Métis land, one of the Métis approches them but can not speak there language this is when Louis Riel comes in clutch for the first time.

Now I’m going to talk about how we wrapped this unit up which is in an animation which I know sounds fun but it was actually really hard.

Becuase the teacher didn’t want to see 20 presentations on Louis Riel, we all research some explorers and then chose who we wanted. Mine was Simon Fraser I chose him because apparently my grandpa said I’m related to him in some way which is cool.



Simon Fraser achieved many things in his day including setting up the first  European settlement in BC and his biggest obviously discovering the Fraser river. You can learn all about this and more in my animation so enjoy.