Shelom welcome to the blog, in the latest unit we were learning about the history of Canada. But mostly about the history of Victoria, so when we traveled to Victoria we we’re assigned a place to highlight. The project was to create a video about your assigned place.

There was however a plot twist, aka I got really sick on the trip and could leave the hotel. So I wasn’t able to film, but luckily the following week I was going to the high school provincials for skiing and that was my new project.

The Provincials were taking place in Smithers BC and because Smithers is such and interesting place I made my video on it. I had to over come several challenges in the process though one being the tempature, while I was in Smithers it was a consistent 20 below. Your probably going Jackson that’s not that cold just put some gloves on and film, but me being cold wasn’t the problem it was that as soon as I took out my phone or iPad it would die.

In order to create a video highlighting a specific place you need to do your research so that’s exactly what I did. Turns out just because Smithers is in the middle of nowhere dosent mean there’s nothing to do. After I did this research I crafted a script for what I was going to say in the video he is the draft of that. 


The next thing I did was create a video:


Thanks for reading.