Welcome once again another DI post Yahoo, just kidding it sucks. This year at Provincials we got disqualified I will get in to why in a bit.

I thought we improved quite a bit since regionals because we improved the lights on Jordyns shirt, made the egg look more like and egg and made sure when we spoke we talked loudly and clearly to make sure they could hear us through the hippo mask made by my fellow group member Lucy.

Even though we thought we did better the judges didn’t think so, because our scores were the same or some even lower. Which didn’t make any sense to us because we improved certain parts that are judged on there own and we still scored the exact same or even worse.

Now your probably wondering how my team got disqualified the actually a funny not so funny story so there is this art of DI called the instant challenge which is exactly how it sounds. It is a challenge that you dont know what is you have to do until you get in the room to do it. Because its so secretive you are not allowed to talk about it because then the other teams will know what to do in advance. So long story short we talked about it in the hallway and we got disqualified.

Here is the video from the Provincials and the link to my regional post so you can compare the two performances.