Once again another DI post this was the first tornament of the year so normal it goes pretty bad but not this time. My group and I won the instant challenge and the the main challenge.

My groups name was the sea hippos and our challenge was to create a performance based on a board game. So we chose one of the lengendary games  hungry hungry hippo‘s.

Even though we won We still have many things to improve on. Such as the main part our container, we were meant to make it look like an egg but instead it looked like a milk jug or a space ship so our first task is to make it look li,e and organic omega three egg then we will be able to fry the opponents and then we can scramble our way all the way up in Provincials. Another thing we can improve on is just really getting in to it, becoming a hippo. We have to think like a hippo and sound like a hippo and walk like a hippo.

These are some of the things we need to work on for the upcoming tournament.