Hello Welcome to my Tpol/Fpol today I am going to talk about what I have improved on since my Mpol and some things that I could still work on. This presentation will reveal my deepest learning secrets and endeavors?

Driving Question: Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?


Need to Improve:

The first subject I am going to talk about is scimatics math has always been hard for me which I say in everyone of these but that is no excuse to not do work. For example the project we just finished working on was a math project called time is money 💰. While we were working on this we were supposed to be doing a work sheet that would last for the duration of the project but even from the start I had no clue what I was doing so I just didn’t do it and was so far behind that I was scared to ask for help even though I knew Mr.Gross knew where I was. To solve this problem I need to make sure from the start that I know what I’m doing. Another thing that would help is not being afraid of the teacher I have been saying this from the start of grade 8 but I feel that it is important.

Did well:

One of the projects I succeeded on was the clone army project I loved this one because you got to use scalpels and cut up stems and put acid on them. The reason I think I did well on this is because I fully understood the project from the start so I knew what I was doing the whole time which is a good feeling except for one part when we had to make a animation you can see that in my post.

Clone Army



Need to improve:

Procrastination is another one of the things that has always been a problem but this year in humanities my procrastination was super bad, it was bad in other subjects but humanities I just would refuse to do the posts then half ass them at the end. There is no real reason to why I didn’t do them I just didn’t feel like doing them. In some cases I had no clue what to do so I just smiled and waved until one of the teacher pulled me aside and said it missing and even after that I just shrugged it off and carried on. I am not sure on a method that would help me push past this disability. ( hint at the teachers) then Ms Willems will say some helpful stuff ( get there thoughts and improve as a learner) . Then success.

The second project the showed my procrastination and failure to ask for help is The Great War project. In this project I had absolutely no clue on how to right a screen play even though we had done it in the past, well I didn’t do it in the past my group member did. I don’t know if you have seen the movie the Croods but the cave men always say “new is bad”. That is the same case with me I didn’t bother learning how to make a screen play because why learn something when I could just pass it off to my group member who already knows how to do it. So when it came time to right the screen play I did what I always do not do it, then Ms Maxwell said I have to stay in for lunch and I thought awww this sucks but turns out a screen play only takes a teacher leaning over your shoulder and some instructions to do. Once I finished that I waited till the last minute and create a crap video that I was embarrassed to show to elementary school kids so it goes to show you I did not learn my lesson.

Did well: 

The project I did well on is going to be the heritage minute project, this was Second most fun project of the year, first obviously being the metaphor machines. I myself think I did a really good job of acting and help write the script. You can witness that your self right here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Sometimes when it comes to group projects I drop the ball and just rely on all my group members but in this project I was a part of the team and did my part in the creation of this heritage minute.


Heritage Minute


Need to improve:

I have not had too good of a year so far in maker I don’t really remember the first term but the second I had a bunch of overdue work to list one the take your kid to work day post, which is easy but I decided not to do it and I was reminded going into third term you are going to get and “I” if you don’t get this done and I told Ms Willemse I was going to get it done and she trusted me enough to give me a passing grade but then I still didn’t do it, and there was many other projects like that from maker. This is a tough one to improve on because it is just me refusing to do work just like from humanities, one of the things that I think would help improve this habit is thinking in the long run I believe this will work because I have to come in for another week of school and everyone else is going to be partying and swimming and I did that too myself.


Did well:

This year in maker it was almost hard to find something I did well at but I went digging and I found it the make your own sports project, this one was perfect for me because it tricked me into thinking Ms.Willemse knew what she was doing. The reason this was perfect for me is because I didn’t think of it as school it was just P.E class so I was creating a game using our idea generation techniques and it just flowed out into to a fun project. Turns out you can have fun and learn and learn at the same time.




To answer the driving question “Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?” I feel I am ready because I learned a lot this and some of it I did a crappy job on but next year I can learn from the mistakes that I made this year and I will thrive to be a better learner even if it takes sitting with my mom or the teacher holding my hand along the way thank you and enjoy your what ever time of day it is.