For this unit we are doing chemistry when I was going into this I thought big explosions and pouring green liquids into a vile then you would become Spider-Man. But this was boring chemistry like studying atoms and stuff. This unit was a very long time ago so I don’t remember much.


The project for this unit was going to be call chem stories because we were going to create a chemistry story using an animation creator of some sort.

Now that you know the project we will get into what the video will be on. The videos are going to be about bonding. If you don’t know what bonding is here is and example.


Those probably bond



Circular competency:

Questioning and predicting:

This is one of the competency’s I succeeded on which mean my video had a great character development great plot and was just a sick video over all.



Is another one I succeeded on which mean the audio was good there was enthusiastic acting, great cinematography and overall it was a great animation this is the most important because If you are talking like a robot and the audio sucks then it doesn’t matter how good the



Planning and conducting: 

There is room for improvement on this competency which means our Bohr models were not greatly explained and not just explained but the process needs to be explained and we failed to do those things.


Processing and analyzing data and information:

This One I was never really good at because I can never remember terminology and use it correctly which is something I need to improve on because this is important for tests.