Hi Im Jackson Floe, I am in grade 8 in the PLP program at Seycove secondary. My three main sports are skiing, soccers and mountain biking, I also like basketball and skateboarding but I’m not very good at ether of them. I have one pet her name is Shore and she is a greyhound pointer and husky. The mountain I ski at most is Whistler I sometimes ski at Seymour but very rarely. I also mountain bike in whistler during the summer but during the S. pring I ride on the north shore.

My team for soccer is the riptide, I am in silver 1 so second worst level or 4th best you could look at it ethier way. We have played five games this year so far and have won one, tied one and lost the rest. I play left midfield and striker most of the time I have scored one goal this year ad got one assist. I have been with the same soccer team for pretty much three years so we are all really good friends.

Skiing,  skiing is probably my strongest sport. I am in the free free ride club on whistler, it is the highest level that you can be in at whistler. I love doing tricks as well, my best trick is a backflip, I can also do a five forty which is a full circle and then you do another half turn and land backwards. I love skiing and it is probably my favorite sport.

I am not on any mountain bike team or in any club I just do it for fun. In the summer I go up to whistler a lot and mountain bike their in the bike park that is loads of fun, I love doing jumps and getting air but I also like technical down hill. During the spring I ride a lot on mt.seymour and grouse mountain.

I joined the seycove basketball team though I’m not very good at it I really enjoy it. I have a basketball hoop at my house and my friends like to play horse, bump and other games like that. I used to play basketball in like grade four but I got into soccer instead.