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DI Provincials 2019

Welcome once again another DI post Yahoo, just kidding it sucks. This year at Provincials we got disqualified I will get in to why in a bit. I thought we improved quite a bit since regionals because we improved the… Continue Reading →

Week 9 blogging challenge

Today in class we did and hour of code but it only took about 15 minutes.

Take your kid to work day

I have been looking foward to this day for awhile now ever since my sister did it. This year I got to visit my pops work, my father works at RBC and he is the manager of a firm in… Continue Reading →

DI provincials

DI provincials sounds like a big deal? Not really even if you come last in regionals you go to provincials. It was a decent experience though, because two of Our Group members canceled out so it was just me and Jordyn lone rangers… Continue Reading →

Launch sports!!!!!

Welcome to another blog post with Jackson, today we are going to talk about a sport we made. Little do you know its harder to make a sport than you think. We used a new process to make this sport,… Continue Reading →

Growth mindset

What is a growth mindset? A growth mindset is when you look past your basic abilities and failure, if you fail once you just keep on going you keep pushing. For example Michael Jordan got cut from high school basketball… Continue Reading →

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