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Exhibition post

Hello welcome to the page in this post I am going to talk about the exhibition for this exhibition I was put in the individual sports group. My topic was to raise awareness for the mountain bike trails and to… Continue Reading →

PGP Final Project

Through our this year we worked on a outside the time table class called PGP which stands for personal growth plan which from the start I thought was super dumb so I waited till the last minute to complete but… Continue Reading →

WW1 And The Second Battle Of Ypres

The latest project we did in humanities is the World War One project. We worked on this for over a month of classes. We were not working on the main part of the project that whole time we were mostly… Continue Reading →

Chemistry post

For this unit we are doing chemistry when I was going into this I thought big explosions and pouring green liquids into a vile then you would become Spider-Man. But this was boring chemistry like studying atoms and stuff. This… Continue Reading →

DI Regionals 2019

Once again another DI post this was the first tornament of the year so normal it goes pretty bad but not this time. My group and I won the instant challenge and the the main challenge. My groups name was… Continue Reading →

Like term milestones

PLP Travels

Shelom welcome to the blog, in the latest unit we were learning about the history of Canada. But mostly about the history of Victoria, so when we traveled to Victoria we we’re assigned a place to highlight. The project was… Continue Reading →

Louis Riel

Hi welcome back, in this unit we visited the history of a man named Louis Riel. Some believed him to be a hero some believed him to be a criminal all I belive is that the book is about him… Continue Reading →

Exhibition post !!!

Welcome back for another post on my third exhibition in my life of PLP. Though I was not here for the exhibition it self, I was here for the whole process of the the project my group was presenting. The… Continue Reading →

Scimatics Card game

Hi welcome back in this unit we made a card game, but there was a bit of a twist. We had to add exponent laws to the card game. To start off the project we thought of sports and games… Continue Reading →

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