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Welcome back today we are going to learn about polynomials, for this project we could make any project that would help us learn about polynomials. So my partner Jordyn and I made our project about skiing and how much it… Continue Reading →

Matter Cycles

Hello welcome to the blog In this post I am going to talk about what we are currently learning about in scimatics. In science we were learning about the matter cycles the cycles we focused on were the hydrologic cycle… Continue Reading →

DI Provincials 2019

Welcome once again another DI post Yahoo, just kidding it sucks. This year at Provincials we got disqualified I will get in to why in a bit. I thought we improved quite a bit since regionals because we improved the… Continue Reading →


  Driving question: How am I going to progress as a learner by the end of the school year?   Intro:  Hi welcome to my MPOL post, we have done lots of fun work this year we have been to… Continue Reading →

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