My holidays

My family celebrates many of the same holidays as every European or Canadian, but some we celebrate slightly differently, like Christmas where we stay up late around the Christmas tree waiting until our parents decide to put the presents under the tree.
When I was four I first encountered Halloween when two American girls dressed convincingly as witches knocked on our door and said trick or treat then explained in German with heavy American accents what the holiday was. My dad gave them a bit of candy. Then the next year, after we moved to Canada I went trick or treating for the first time. I went with my mum as I didn’t speak much English at the time.
We also celebrate Thanksgiving, our birthdays, Easter, and Silvester also known as New Years Eve.
My favourite holidays are my birthday and Christmas. They’re my favourite holidays because on those days I get presents either from family of from my friends as they do from me on their birthdays and Christmas.

There is one holiday I would like to speak about little more.

In the Czech Republic Easter is celebrated a bit differently. There for Easter the boys go to a willow tree, take of some twigs and make things that are almost like whips. They then go and get to chase girls around with them. I never celebrated it although one time my mum made one of the things out of the branches of the tree.

Another traditions is painting of the Easter eggs. We sometimes hang the coloured eggs on the tree, but that is more a German tradition.

My mom also bakes the Easter bread or Easter lam.


That you can make yourself a better picture, here is a Video about Czech Easter traditions.



Now for a poem

There are many holidays

For you an adult pays

for the gifts kids receive

More than you’d believe

they are fun

until they’re done

but of fun toys there’s a ton

And then we get supermarket kinder egg or Christmas light blow out sales.

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