Blue Sky

This Blue Sky project was inspired and based on the Global Goals which are a series of globes implemented by the UN to help us not kill the Earth. What we did for it is we made a project based on one or two of the goals, the project could be any size but it had to do something.

The first thing we did for our blue sky project was that, during a zoom meeting we were put into groups and had to design a chair for a certain person. I was in a group where we had to design something for a astronaut. So it didn’t have to have cushions, should be easy to get in, and had to have a buckle or something to hold the person in place. I of course made the 3d version of our chair out of lego. After we did that we had to find out more about the global goals and start our projects. I decided that my project would be something which I could actually do and maybe even pass so that it makes at least a local difference. With that knowledge I though up a few local problems and found that the parking and amount of cars brought in by tourism would need to be better managed so that more people would use public transit and the city would make money off of the project. With that in mind I decided to make a petition that more or less drove for the tourists funding local projects and upkeep of the infrastructure via parking fees and fines for parking in local parking. I then talked to some local businesses and figured out  how the fee should work for maximum profit for not only the infrastructure but also the businesses.

This was my petition.

I tried to make it so that it would explain the technical aspects as well as the everyday parts. It more or less says that if you parked where you weren’t supposed to you’d be fined $8 and the fine doubles every day afterwards meaning growth. The pay parking would be $10 for one hour, $15 for two hours, and $ 20 for a day. This will hopefully prompt people to spend the whole day in the cove which will further prompt them to eat at the local shops and cafes.

The revenue from the parking tickets will go to building a safe bike path to The Cove which will further induce people to cycle, solving the traffic problem even more.

From my point of view this petition would be great. I bike along Dollarton more than twice per week and my family’s parking spot often gets taken by tourists. With this petition put in place as municipal law a problem would be fixed and bikers like me would have a better time. It would also be able to fund other projects like our mountain biking trails and other things.

Now that I have shown the project and what I did for it I hope that you will sign my petition when I complete it and I bid you a good night.

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