A Riel-flective blog post

In this project we learned about louis Riel, and how he has been perceived throughout history. Our driving question was “ How has the portrayal of Riel changed over time” to answer our driving question we researched all about Riel, using both firsthand, and secondhand sources we were able to understand how Riel was viewed throughout history. To show off what we had learned about Riel we made a multi compositional paragraph. To start off our researching we first learned about the red river settlement, and how when Louis Riel came back from University he learned about how his brothers farm was on land that was going to be sold to the British empire. He disliked that so he decided to stop the surveyors, by threatening them, and then taking the fort they came from. We also learned about Riel fleeing the country, for murder and how he was in a mental hospital for ten years. After he came out of the mental asylum, he help the Métis in Saskatchewan for their land, and helped them fight for their freedom.

To display our learning we wrote these multi-compositional paragraphs about Riel and how he has changed in public opinion, this was the essay that I wrote. 

Louis Riel, Hero, or Villain? 

Louis Riel has been seen through many lenses that have changed throughout time. Louis Riel’s story starts in the early 1800s in what is now known as Canada. European settlers came to Canada in search of riches through the fur trade. A settlement was founded on the red river in what we now call Manitoba. This was before Louis Riel was born, as he was born on the 22 of October 1844. In 1868, one year after the Canada constitution was created, the Hudson Bay company, who controlled most of the Canadian fur trade wanted to sell Ruperts land. Louis Riel, who had just come back from University, to his brothers farm that was part of the land to be sold. Louis Riel despised the indefatigable of the farm being sold, so he and a group off armed Métis scared of the surveyors. After this Riel decide to launch an attack on a nearby fort called fort Garry. He was able to easily take the fort, as it had little to no reinforcements, this is where Louis Riel was first seen in public. These actions portrayed him as a rebel, and also as a problem that needed to be stamped out. As a threat to the “establishment”, even though he just wanted equality for the Métis people.

Recently, statues have been the portrayal where Riel is seen through the most varied lenses.  The first statue was made by Lemay, the statue depicts Riel slightly deformed, and it looks like he is melting away. The statue is meant to depict Riel being taken away by the police, however this statue was very controversial, because it showed Louis Riel as a weak person, which got lots of backlash. This cause so much controversy to the point where the statue had to be removed, as the public detested it.  

The second statue we looked at was the statue by Joyal. In this statue he looks much more profound; he looks like an authoritative figure. He is seen with the Métis bill of rights in his hand and he looks like he is observing his victory. 

The final statue is by Nugent, and it is a stone statue of him looking up, as if he is looking for something with his hands stretched out. It is supposed to represent Riel having his vision of god, telling him to protect the Métis people. Something that I had observed with all of the statues, is that they all seemed to portray Riel as a hero, even the one of hime that was taken down still seemed to show Riel as a hero rather than a crazy person

All of this just shows how the perception of people can change through out time as in one generation he is seen as a psychotic killer, the next as an hero hero, who fought for equality 

In me writing I talk about how there public view has shifted throughout generations, because there was more information about him, and his cause. This has led to him being seen as a hero in our time period, because our views as a society are more aligned with his views, and his intentions. Throughout all of history, people will change there opinions, and we will see how the view on Riel might shift in the future.

Until next post, Jannik out.

Metaphor Machines, an exhibition post

Hello, and welcome back to my blog, this blog post is for the final project of 2023!!!!! This projects driving question was “how do ideas spark change?” To convey this message we built a Rube Goldberg machine about our revolution of choice, with each important part of the revolution being explained by a part of the machine. My revolution was the Irish revolution or more commonly know as the Easter rising revolution. Our machine was made up of 8 parts, where each person was in charge of building and talking about that part. The machine starts with dominoes being knocked over by a marble, which dislodges a heavy ping pong ball, that rolls down a long path until it knocks over a weight for a pulley setting of a rubber ball that rips through the Irish flag. After the ball rips through the flag it dialogues another counterweight which pulls away a domino allowing marble to roll into a teeter totter. The teeter totter than releases a marble which runs down the track where it meets a length of track that has teacups under it, and a tea bag for each cup, sitting above. The marble then dislodges the teabags, making them fall while it keeps rolling. It meets on final section of track where it bumps into 2 more marbles sending them down the track. these 2 marbles roll down the path until the fall into and fill up a hole, allowing the third marble to pass over the marble is now almost finished until it bump into a rubber ball attached by a string to a domino holing fifteen marble, making it and the fifteen marbles fall into a bucket, signifying the end of the conflict. Now this is just the final product, but here is a little bit of a story into the building of our machine. Our first step in building was the creation of our roles, I got the role of scriptwriter, where i would write the script for the talking part of the machine, however we ended up only taking notes from scripts, and trying to speak more freely. Once i had finished the script I started to help my team with the assembly of the machine, and trying to make each connection work with the other ones. The it came to the night of the exhibition, where we set it up in the library and let it run the magic. 

That’s all, till next time.


The Great PLP Loon Lake experience

Just a while ago we were down at the UBC forestry site, at a team building program called loon lake. When we had our first team building session, we were all in the pan abode were we would meet with Jono, our group leader we would meet with him multiple times per day, and each time would be on a different page in our workbook these would range from social emotional skills, to trust falls in groups. In between these working sessions we would usually be doing an activity outside to get our energy out. Some of these activities were climbing a rock wall, high and low ropes courses, shelter building in the forest, and last but not least a team scavenger hunt the second to last day. These outside activities were fun, but they were also great for team building, an example of this was the low ropes course, where one of the obstacles was getting people from one platform in alphabetical order without talking, this was a good exercise because we had to communicate in other ways, and we got it mostly right with only one small mistake. Another good team building exercise was the ropes course where you were with a partner, and you held onto each others hands, and walk down to ropes that got farther and farther apart. Some of the other activities like the scavenger hunt were also good because the entire team was incorporated. One of in my option the biggest and most powerful exercises we did was the gym walk. The gym was split into two parts, and Jono would ask a question, and then people would walk to the other side, if it applied to them, and some of the question were sad, but overall i found this the most powerful exercise to see what peoples lives are really like. Some of the other great parts were the team race, and the shelter building. The shelter building was done in the forest, where we got to choose our teams. We were then given a small area, and 20 minutes to build ours. Even though we were able to fit our entire group into our shelter, after some shaking it did sadly collapse, but it was still a great exercise. The other great team building exercise was the team race. Our entire groups were split into 4 main colour groups, and the split up into four Individual groups within that colour. Each small team would race against 3 other small teams and then each colours points would be added up to a final score, and our team blue got second place. I found that this field study was very beneficial to us as a group, and that I feel like I learned about my classmates.

Sooo….. that’s all for this post, Jannik out.

Take your kid to work day

This is my reflection on take your kid to work day. The workplace of my choice was my dads home office. He works for a company called smart technologies. They specialize in making smart whiteboards for schools that are trying to be more involved with technology in classrooms. The smart board are designed to work like a regular whiteboard with pens, but are also able to run lots of other applications like Microsoft teams and Canva. 

I learned more about this company and how the smart board work. I was able to sit into some meetings and learned about team dynamics in the workplace and just a general overview of a tech job, and how they run.I also was able to listen and watch a presentation of a sneak peek of there software that they have also made in an attempt to make sharing work from schools to teacher easier called Lumix. To learn a little bit more you can watch the video linked below

I found that this was a good experience for me and I feel that this has shown me the benefits of a tech career, that is all I have for this day of fun experience, until next time, Jannik.

The Rockies Humanities post

This first project of the year nearly done, and what a good start, we had a field study, and a project that tied into maker and humanities, this blog post is for humanities, and I will put a link to the maker post at the end of this one. This projects driving question was how has the geography of the west shaped who we are?

The first project that we did before the trip was the sheet on the five themes of Geography. This was the first we learned about the five themes, those being movement, place, location, human-environment relations and regions. This was a crucial part of the projects, because it taught us things that we needed to know for the project.

The next part of the project was making our Alberta trip book. This was an ongoing project throughout the trip, and would be updated throughout each stop. Each page had questions about the historical significance of the place, and will leave the link not the book down farther below. I enjoyed this book more than the last book we had, which was for our Oregon trip last spring. I found that the questions were more fun to answer, and i enjoyed showing my videos in the book. I found that this was a fun project in it full, and hope to have more of the same projects.

This is all for this blog post, see you all in the next ones, Jannik

Maker blog post

This first maker project was all about our trip to alberta, and the project that comes with it. We had to answer the driving question of “how has the geography of the west shaped us into who we are.” To answer this question we made a series of videos, one that we did before the trip, called the at home video. The at home video was a video about what inspires us. We had to add things about what inspire us, and what we look forward to in the future. The link to this video is here –> https://youtu.be/HBTgfWTVH1Y

The second video was the silent video. In this video we were put into groups of four, then filmed the clips for the video in the three valley gap ghost town. I enjoyed this video the most, because I found that filming the video was fun, and i felt like the most professional video, and filming area. I enjoyed picking out areas that fit our script best, which was a bank robbery. We used the bank the most, then used some parts of the train station. Anyone who like to watch the video, the link is right here –> https://youtu.be/cs57RwdW318 

The third video that used clips from all over Alberta was the Tik Tok video. In this video we made a short form video, and my partner and i made a video of transitions from one beautiful place to another. I found that this video was fun because we got to make clean transitions, and got to take lots of short videos, and then were able to choose which ones we liked best. If anyone would like to see this video i have the link here –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzKOpW23wE0

The final video was the investigative video. This video was the final video, meant to fully capture the essence of the project and answer the driving question of “How has the geography of the west shaped who we are”. I found that this video was a good final project, because it we showed how we answered  our own thesis statement that we made at the beginning of the project. My thesis statement was “people visit the Rockies to see a natural beauty that is found nowhere else” this statement was the either proved, or disproved by my interview. Any who would like to see the video is here —>


I feel that we learned about planning our videos in groups, and also about letting everyone add their ideas to the project and working on those kinds of plans. We also learned about how to properly film our video, but also be able to act out the scenes. I found that this was most evident in the silent video were expressions were a big storytelling part since there was no sound.

This was our first maker project of the semester,looking forward to the next one. till next time readers, Jannik 

tPol 2023


Hello and welcome to my tPol. I am very grateful to show off what I have done in this year of PLP.

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.“


In this year of PLP I know that I have had lots of growth in all sorts of fields. I have grown in my technology skills, and know that I have just learned lots of new things in all sorts of fields of work like like how to use all of the tech skills. I learned how to draw with the Apple Pencil and also how to use all of the skills in sketch’s pro like the pressure and managing how to best use all of the available tools. We also made our blog and learned how to manage our blog, of which i have forgotten all about how to do. We were taught how to neatly or again even our iPads and how to best keep our workload handles. The first project that we had was when we read the outsiders book and then designed an book cover for our project, and for the scene that we were assigned.  This project was really interesting because it happened while we were learning how to use our iPads, so I saw a lot of correlation with what we learned in maker, and this project. Skipping ahead to the final project of this year, we made adds for our respective business that we met in Oregon. We were given a criteria from our businesses, and then let us make the ads. I enjoyed this project because we had clear rules, and also were given quite a bit of freedom which i also liked. This ad has led me to see what appeals other ads use.


In this year I have learned a variety of skills, whether tech skills or other skills. As I mentioned earlier we learned quite a few tech skills in maker regarding drawing, and our Apple pencils. What I didn’t mention were the other skills we learned. We learned about photography, and how to Center the topic of our image into either the left or right quadrant. We also learned all about how to properly research information and how to back check an image, to see its origins. (To do that you use google image search and see what else that photo has been in). Those were just some of the technology skills we learned, but we also learned real life skills. We learned how to work well in teams like we did on the quests in Oregon. We learned how to follow instructions, listen to each other, and also how to problem solve with a team. This lead us to improve from one quest to the other. In the first quest my group failed, but then in the second and third one we drastically improve because we worked together as a team and not as 6 individual people.

🌈 ☀️


My goals for the next semester are to try to have all sunshine and one rainbow in a subject. I believe that I can put in a little bit more work to reach this goal. I also would like to work on doing more homework and setting a time of day to do 20 to 30 minutes of work.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post, unless you are one of my classmates trying to steal my work, than SCRAM!!!!

Goodbye until September, in the next year of school.

Reflection for humanities consequences of colonization

In this project we expolored the early Canadians colonists worldview, and if, or how it shifted through the exploration of the new world. In the first keystone we chose a drawing, and then listed what we saw in the drawing like the predominant figure being the Europeans, what was happening in the drawing etc… In the second keystone we would revise the drawing we chose and expand upon it, than fill out a different sheet for that image. The final project we made an ar video showing the image and the updated one, and  talking about the changes, and how they were improved.

Link to Youtube video

A Small but mighty recap

In this project we learned all about how the microorganisms interact and change our body and immune system. We started this project with learning how to use microscopes, and we would study, and document our findings. We then swabbed an area of our choice in the school, and let the bacteria grow so we could then study it. For our second to last project we did research on vaccine myths. Some of the myths included having micro-chips, causing autism and that they can change your DNA. With a partner you would make a poster disapproving one of these myths.For our last project we made a public health poster on why to wash hands that we had to design, using craft and kindergarteners drawings. 

That was my recap of this project, bye.

All about the Vikings and apparently Cristopher Columbus

In this project we started by learning how to do historical research by learning about primary and secondary accounts, and how to identify them. We then. We’re given lots of sources to find out information about our topic of the Vikings, and myths about them. In the second part of this project we had to make Viking ID cards with historically correct facts about the viking. In the last part of the project we learned about the Columbian exchange, and Christopher columbus’s journey to the americas.for that project we made a story about an account from your perspective during a voyage with an explorer. We then made five to ten pictures, and then made it into a book