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The Renaissance

The Learning Portfolio Post for The Renaissance: A Change Engine

     In this project we learned the Renaissance, Renaissance is a European ideological and cultural movement that happened between the 14th and 17th. It started in Italy and its causes are still unclear to this day. 

     There are Three famous people in The Renaissance. They are Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. They are called The Three Renaissance Outstanding. I chose Da Vinci as the topic of my thesis for three reasons.

     Da Vinci is known as the person who is the best represents the Renaissance. He is not only a painter, but also knows science, architecture, anatomy, weather, geology… Leonardo is the leader of the Ninja Turtles.

The first thing need to hand in Showbie: Beautiful Paragraphs

     Before Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa smiled at the world, medieval painting was mostly strange: a lot of painters painted with no proportion. For example, the eyes of the Virgin Mary in the left picture has drawn on the forehead, the blue creature in the right picture is a dog.

     If you look at Renaissance paintings, the proportions of the human body are more scientific.

This is big change of art, Da Vinci helped a lot, the painter, medical scientist, architectural engineer, poet, inventor and geographer. Everyone knows Leonardo is the person who created the Mona Lisa, he also is the person who carry forward anatomy. (I believe Andreas Vesalius invented anatomy

During the Renaissance, the the human body became a source of inspiration for artists. To show what human bodies really look like, artists were delving them.

     I chose Leonardo for topic, and I should wrote paragraphs about him. So, I wrote Vitruvius Man and the importance of anatomy.

My homework and Mr. Harris’s comments

The second edition

     Second, NAME Chart.

     NAME means Novelty, Applicability, Memory and Effect. I need to answered four question based on the words. They are:  

Novelty, what did people in the past think was important about the person, event or idea? What did this person, event or idea achieve which had not been done before? 

Applicability, In what way can the person, event or idea relate to modern events? In what ways is the person, event or idea similar to contemporary concerns?

Memory, Why has this person, event or idea been discussed since the Renaissance? What single element of this person, event or idea has been the focus of commemorations?

Effect,  In what ways have people been affected by this person, event, or idea? What changed as a direct result of this person, even or idea?

Third, Topic + 3Reasons

     My homework didn’t seem very good, but I fix the mistake in the Final Paragraph. (Is the Final Paragraphs add other papers and fix mistakes? If not, I’ll write a new one.)

Fourth, triptych

     A triptych is a picture divided into three parts. Teacher asked us to put ancient things in the left and right pictures (using SuperimposeX) and modern things in the middle

At last, Final Paragraphs

Add up all the other papers and fix the mistake.

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