May 16

Ultimate Design Challenge

Β Β  Β  In this project, I learned the calculation of volume and surface area, and made 3D models with Tinkercad. I think my weakness is that my model is not good, I don’t really know how to make 3D model before, but I used the Tinkercad tutorial so I got it. My strength is that I am good at calculation.

Β Β  Β  Milestone 1: Driving Question. The first draft of my driving question is β€œHow can I design a coke can that shows maximum volume?” But I change it to β€œHow can I make a house with maximum volume?”

Β Β  Β  Milestone 2: Model and Formulas. I want to make a snowman at first but then I changed my model to a house. I chose the house for my 3D model because it is something I can see every day and it is easy to make.

Β Β  Β  Milestone 3: Calculations. I used a calculator to calculate the volume and surface area of my 3D model. What I get is volume is bigger than surface area, I achieve my goal.

Β Β  Β  Milestone 5: presentation. In the presentation I showed how I measured and calculated the volume and surface area of my 3D model. I feel more confident than I did in previous presentations.

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