December 16

The Outsiders

In this unit I learned Worldview mindnode, The Outsiders discussions and activities, character deck, you Vs. who character analysis, group movie trailer, individual movie poster, OutsidersΒ  movie reflection, group movie poster and The Outsiders tableau.

Worldview mindnode:

I created a central circle called “My Worldview” and 7 branches; One represent each worldview element: geography, time, belief, society, value, economy and knowledge. I explain and illustrate how each element shape my worldview. For each branch, I give an example from my life.

The Outsiders discussions and activities:

The Outsiders discussions and activities is discussions and activities of The Outsiders, The way it works is each group member ask questions and other group members answer

Character deck:

The Character deck let me use my own words to describe the characters in the book.

You Vs. who character analysis:

I looked into a character in The Outsiders (Ponyboy ),I make four character traits for Ponyboy and found from the book how the character’s personality traits help shape his worldview

group movie trailer:


Me and my team make a trailer about The Outsiders in 2021.

Individual movie poster:

After watch The Outsiders movie,Β  teacher asked us to find the similarity and difference between the movie and the book

group movie poster:

My team work together to make a movie poster for The Outsiders

The Outsiders tableau: