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Shrew You!🐭

Alright friends! Well that’s a half a year’s worth of work completed! Glad I can check that of the list. After I completed my last project about the Old Dollar Mill, it was time to move on, so our PLP… Continue Reading →

Jordyn’s Thoughts on Romeo and Juliet🚺🚹

You may be thinking, if you have visited my blog before, that we did a whole unit on Romeo and Juliet last year. Why in the world would I be writing a blog post about a year-old project? That is… Continue Reading →

We Made a Walking Tour!🏃‍♀️

Hi! *virtual hug for all of My Dog Ate My Bloggers* This is officially my very first actual blog post (besides my weekly one which doesn’t count) in grade 11! GRADE 11!! I can not believe I have been writing… Continue Reading →

Jordyn’s Thoughts on the “S” Word👭

Yes. Today I will be talking about a Netflix TV show called Grand Army. Also known as Slut: The Play. Ok, hello everyone and welcome to a blog post that is a little bit different than my others. This blog… Continue Reading →

Exhibition Case File🔦

Hello everyone. Something very very serious, something very……. curious, has been going on here for the past few months. Which is why Detective Jordyn, Detective Alex, and Detective Asha are here to investigate the situation And question witnesses. DUN DUN… Continue Reading →

I Am A Creative Connector!🎨

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another My Dog Ate my Blog post in quarantine! This blog post will actually not be an overview of a project, I will be focusing on a novel study we have been doing for the… Continue Reading →

Casting a Line to Iceland🎣

So. Hi. A lot has changed since the last time I was here. We are kinda sorta living through a global pandemic which was definitely really scary at first, but then I realized……. we are living through history and making… Continue Reading →

ADHD in Colour! 🧠

Yoo Hoo! Welcome back to another absolutely whimsical post on My Dog Ate My Blog. Let’s catch up. After Humanities’ 10 last project about Romeo and Juliet (Alike in Dignity), we have been working on a project called People’s Podcast…. Continue Reading →

Is This Gnomeo and Juliet or Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes?🎭

“Two households, both alike in dignity”, is how the play Romeo and Juliet begins so that is how we will start this blog since…. that is what this unit was all about! For this project, we studied Romeo and Juliet… Continue Reading →

TWIL Post Episode #3: A News Broadcast in Fair Verona 🎤

Hi there My Dog Ate My Blog Followers welcome back to week three of TWIL posts. If you enjoy this post, check out my TWIL week 1 and week 2! This week the topic I am focusing on is the… Continue Reading →

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