Hello! This blog post is the summary and story (so far) of my latest school project, Destination imagination (DI). Specifically Tricky Tales. In this project there is not a driving question since this is not a PLP project. It is kind of like PLP on steroids. Basically we get a project and we need to create an 8 minute skit to fill the criteria. It is world wide as well. No pressure. It’s run by… itself. It’s that big. N o P r E s S u R e. Also we can’t get ANY sort of help from others that aren’t in our group. Thats not too bad but that does mean we might have to learn soldering. My group for this project is Julia, Jupiter, Kai, Luca, Makai, and Tom. Note: this is not supposed to be educational. Also I doubt this will be well put together since there are a LOT of big and hard emotions involved (also trying to make it shorter which I am doing SO well with so far (/s)). Also maybe not the best grammar. Sorry. Now lets jump into the lava lake.

Ok. I learn of DI around October I think? Well I get the general feel for what DI is. We tell them what subproject we want. I chose the Fine Arts one because I like Fine Arts. It’s cool and creative. Only latter do learn that that is the hardest one of them all. YEAH. Already stressed about it at this point, but we aren’t doing it yet. We get to wait a month before then so I try to put it out of my head. Then DI does roll around and I, from the beginning, am not trying to win it. Oh did I not mention that? It’s a C o M p E t I t I o N. No biggy. Class ends and we are assigned to read through the 14 page project and to take highlight stuff. We were also given this FIFTY TWO page document of rules. If you think thats not too bad this is a part from it about foot coverings, not shoes, foot coverings: Foot Coverings: All team members must wear shoes or foot coverings with reasonably impenetrable soles at all times during a tournament. This is to protect team members from any undetected debris that may be on the floor. A team member who loses a foot covering during the Presentation may continue their portion of the Presentation only after the foot covering is replaced. Appraisers may assist the team member in retrieving the foot covering but not in replacing it on the foot. The remaining team members may continue to present.

It wasn’t the next year that I learned that I was supposed to read of all it. I forget what we did next probably some icebreakers? What exactly is the project you ask? Well I’ll tell you just be patient. … … … haha. Ok seriously basically what my team has to do is make an 8 minute skit about a trickster in a tricky situation.  A story! Not too hard If you know how. Also we have to have a costume transformation with Technical Methods. Ooh, fancy. Basically through math and science. We need an illusion. Defined as something designed to wrongfully perceived. Fancy words, am I right? Two Choice Elements is also something we need to do. Choose two things to add that shows our teams interests, skills, talents, and areas of strength. Harder then we thought so far. We also need a story with a trickster and a tricky situation. 

What I do remember is that I brainstorming for the project. We got this doc with these squares and we wrote ideas for the project in them. Since there was six of us so far (we didn’t get Makai until later. Yeah we get more people. Even EASIER) there we a lot of squares. We spent about an hour I think sorting them. We also continued practicing instant challenges. Instant challenges are ANOTHER thing we have to do the day of. Basically we are given some materials and some instructions. We have to complete the challenge in often around two minutes then perform it for some other short amount of time. Next class we sifted through the idea boxes down into some we like… that we aren’t using I believe. Honesty our fault there but you can’t win the all. Next we start making a “Decision Matrix.” Our teachers described this as… I forget. I’ll describe it. You got chart. Put decisions that need to me made on. Choose what type of decision making you want it to be (which is a decision (inception on multiple levels:)). Then a secondary decision making way. They also showed us some damn convoluted ways to make decisions because voting and consensus are too hard. Think they mixed that one up but what ever. As you can probably guess we didn’t use. Then we really start brainstorming which was crap. I can say this because I am in this group; we didn’t get many good ideas. We got some good stuff but we should have got more. I also was sick for a while and they DIDN’T TELL me what they did! The fear of the unknown yo fancy meeting you here. Also we are teenagers so we are not the best at being on task I have really learned. Probably doesn’t help that they are listening to music, playing on their iPads and have iPads in the first place! At this point I’m crying after school every day and boy is my mental health is taking a beating. Keep in mind this isn’t the only thing that I have going on. YEAH! Also the teachers only NOW realize that we have basically no idea what we were doing and we had to do a sort restart. So I think I got us back on track (kinda) so we got an actual story that isn’t a pile of words so thats good. Then this semester is ending and we don’t have any more class time. We have to do it outside of schools. I learned that people do a lot of more things than me. And humans are fricking frustrating. Take me for example. Also teachers are shooting down everyone’s ideas. I know its not me but it still hurts ok! I’m semi-ranting in a blog post. Bet my teachers will love this. And I’m also critiquing them. Might be getting some bad grades after this lol. I also lost a best friend a few months ago. And my counsellor might have covid and is sick. Now you’re up to date. Bye.

See ya around and goodbye, Judah G!


ps shoutout to Caden for coming up with this awesome title.

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