Blogging challenge: family celebrations

Our family doesn’t really do anything special for holidays like Christmas and Halloween we basically just do casual holidays, what I mean by that is that for Christmas we unwrap presents, have friends over, eat ham ,and for Halloween me and my friends would go out and get candy just stuff like that. Personally I would think maybe we would do something on Christmas cause our family is very religious in Christianity but we just do casual Christmas like most people in our country would. Sometimes recently we would go over to my dads friends house for Christmas, he lives on the island so we take a ferry over then we would probably spend about 3-7 days at his house.

He has a pretty big house near the beach, I would imagine it is a lot of money to pay for, we also go their for New Years sometimes. We also just go there when we want to see him and his family. Also have you heard of the band prism? He is the lead singer for that band. He has I think 3 bedrooms a kitchen with one of those fridges that can dispense water and ice, he has a hot tub and a pool, a small room for cleaning his dog in a sink, and he also has this small cabin with a bed, a small kitchen space, a small dining area, and a bathroom. He also has this garage with a bunch of old vintage cars from the 60’s-90’s. How I can’t believe you know more about my dad’s friends house more that my house 

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