Scimatics Chemistry Coding Summative Post

For a lot of the first half of this class I wasn’t here. My legs were extremely painful and I also had a headache so I missed a lot of stuff. When I came back I was just in time for the 2nd milestone of our project and I was feeling pretty good. But then once I got farther into the project things started to change. We started to with this coding website (scratch  ) to code a game related to the kinetic molecule theory to present to the class. My game was a Tower Defence Game. Basically you buy towers with money you get from killing enemies and the enemies come and go in a certain path on the map and when they get to the end of the map they do damage to you. My game was centred around the atoms (enemies) and a molecule (thing you are to protect). My atoms consisted of Polonium, Mercury, arsenic and they would act as the enemies. There was 3 levels of each atom, there was gas which would act as the weakest one, liquid which would act as the medium one (because of his 15% speed boost), and solid which was the hardest (because of his 25% damage reduction). The towers/turrets I was going to add was the Mini-Gatling which would fire a 3-burst shot at enemies and have a 1 sec cool down. There was the A.L.D.D (Automated.Lazer.Destruction.Device) which would fire a 4 sec long laser beam with a cool down of 2.5 secs and cost 1250 oxy points. There was the BIG GUY which was a bomb launcher with a cool down of 4 secs and cost 650 oxy points. There was the Fire crackers which is identical to the Big guy but less damage and a cool down of 3 secs and cost 350 oxy points. Last there was the Tiny Tim which would fire 1 shot and had a cool down of 1.5 secs and cost 100 oxy points. Oxy points are the money/currency in my game, you use it to buy towers and at the beginning of every round you start with 200 oxy points or 100 on hard mode. In the game the live system is 5 lives so basically if 5 enemies get through you lose and get sent back to the difficulty screen. In the game you were only allowed to place 27 troopers on the field. There was also going to an infinite wave system it would just keep doing waves until you died. 

Questioning and Predicting: To be honest I did slacked of a in class. It was mostly because of the fact I was pretty stressed because of the work and some other things. But of course I would also slack of just because sometimes I didn’t want to put in the work or I figured that I wanted to do something at home like coding on my PC. I think part of my many distractions was because I wasn’t in school a lot and I was gone for a long time at home and I basically just slept and watched YouTube while I was at home for all of that time I think I was pretty new to work.

Scientific Communication: I’m like 80% sure I had a perfect amount of Atoms/Molecules for my game, I also did have a lot of other scientific features in my game related to the Kinetic Molecule Theory like the Three States of Matter for different levels of difficulty for my enemies, I made my enemies some of the deadliest elements like Polonium, Arsenic, Mercury, and my atom was oxygen, I was originally going to make my map into a science lab. The last one isn’t really Kinetic Molecule Theory related and I do think I could have added maybe a bit more Kinetic Molecule Theory related things in my game.

In the end there was a lot of stuff I wanted to add and maybe my creativity got the better of mr when I wasn’t able to finish my game. In conclusion I think I needed to take away a lot of stuff and put in some stuff, it was a great idea for a game but I did only have a week.

Project End Mind Map:

Turrets/Towers for game:

Mini Gatling: 


Broken Flamethrower (scraped):

Atomic Models:







Difficulty screen:


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