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Starting the school year again was surprisingly nice. What I mean by that is that when the school year started going and i started going to classes the work was relatively simple and fun at times. Making that board game with Ewan and Alfie was great and and we cooperated really well together and its cool that we got to make another board game just like last year.

Our game was pretty simple, the end is a bit harder to understand but not that hard. How that game works is that 1-4 players go around the board moving by answering questions you get from dice, there would be one dice you roll which was the base and the other dice the exponent, you would roll them and answer the question on the dice and move how many spaces the answer was. There would also be character cards and exponent cards, the character cards would give things like shield points (shield points blocked damage) or they would send you back a few spaces, if you pulled an exponent card then you would have to answer the exponent question on the card in 20 seconds, and if you dont you move back 3 spaces. Then once you get to the end you fought the dragon. Once you enter the dragons lai you roll the dice but instead of moving you did damage, so if you got 9 as an answer you deal 9 damage to the dragon. The dragon has 40 health and you have 3 if you deal enough damage to take away his 40 health then who ever got the final hit wins, but if you get an answer wrong from the dice then you lose 1 health.

We didn’t really goof around while making the game that much we were pretty focused on the game. Obviously there were some distractions but they were pretty minor. I think we managed our class time great, because we were all working on things to create this we ere all dead set on making this thing come to life.

I was honestly terrified for the quizzes and tests when the came around because I wasn’t in school for so long I was wondering if I wouldn’t know a single thing. For the most part I was right I didn’t know much so I just thought I would jump right into the test to test the waters and I failed miserably. Though it wasn’t that bad, I just did a bit of studying and I finished it with 80 percent. Then when i came into class one day I realized that i had another test to do. It went horribly. I honestly need to check base camp more. So basically I jumped into the test no prep, no studying, I literally just grabbed a pencil and hoped for the best. Long story short? study.

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