Scimatics project

This is my blog. We did so far 2 big projects. One of the projects was numbers spreadsheet probability of time. We were supposed to track our timing throughout the week. Then in the end of the week, we had to present it. 

Before we started our second project, we did a couple of science worksheets. Second project that we have done was one of the coolest projects. We were partnered up with 1 or 2 people. So in total we had groups of 2 and 3 people. After we got our groups, we started thinking of what could we do for our board game. Me and my partner Hannah had a couple of ideas right away. We got very good ideas, even tho in the end we completely changed the game rules, and we wanted to do the game a bit different than it ended up. 

We had made so many changes, but after all I think our game turned out pretty well. We made it simple, we had a sheet of paper, and then we decorated it with lines like in an map and added some pieces of continents. 

There were added pieces of tectonic plates, slab pull, and etc. It will show most of the stuff in the next image. That is my Mindnode. Mindnode explains what are tectonic plates and what they are made of. 

This is the Mindnode explanation.

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