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Hi Im Julian. I love going to water parks, theme parks or anything that causes a feeling of thrill. I enjoy playing soccer even though Im not amazing at it, I also play tennis which I think I have potential of becoming good at. My favorite animal at this moment is the monkey (not any specific species of monkey, just monkeys in general) but this changes very frequently, last week my favorite animal was the goose, a month before the capybara and a few years before it was the blobfish. As you can see it varies a lot. Some of my hobbies include playing video games (mostly Elden Ring, Fall Guys and Fortnite), watching movies (mostly superhero movies and action movies) and building Lego which I just started doing (I’ve built a Lego Tumbler and am currently building the X-Wing). My favorite food is any Mexican food, tacos, burritos, chimichangas, I can’t get enough of it! Other foods I enjoy are Kfc (I know it’s unhealthy but its just sooo good) and baby back ribs (once I start eating one of these no one can stop me). When I grow up I want to become a successful lawyer. This dream probably comes from watching too much Better call Saul (one of my favorite tv shows) but I also like the job because I get paid a good amount and I think it looks pretty fun. I added a picture of Batman because I am a huge Batman fan, because of the villains (which are great because they all challenge different parts of Batman’s personality), the suits (they all look really cool, from Christian Bales batman, to Batman Beyond they all look amazing and they also fulfill different purposes) and his lack of powers, which is usually a disadvantage but he uses it to his advantage, villains usually underestimate him and think that he is weak so they don’t really try so when that happens Batman destroys them. So yea that is about it, there is probably many things I forgot because I dont have a really good memory but that is all I remember about me.

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