Who am I as a PLP learner?

The User Manual shows different aspects of my personality and it shows them as settings. Another thing it does is shows how to fix some issues that may happen between the teacher and I (in the troubleshooting section). It also shows how I like to be treated (it shows that in the tips to maintain optimal performance). In settings I added bored because that’s how I feel most of the time in school even though I don’t really say it. I added introverted because that’s how I felt when I first came to this school and I thought it was important to say that. I added student because it was mandatory to add that even though bored was basically the same thing (I know that sounds kind of mean but I don’t actually hate school, Im just bored in some classes). Extroverted is the last mode and I added it because that is how I am when I get to know someone, basically after 30 min or so of talking to someone. I never felt like this when I first got to this school but now that I’ve gotten use to it Im almost always in this mode. In troubleshooting I added that I wasn’t paying attention in class as a problem because that had recently happened to me so the idea came to me from that experience. I added that some of my homework had to be revised because this happens to me very often, basically every time I send something it needs to be reviseds when I had to come up with a problem I chose that one because it is very likely to happen. The last problem is if I don’t finish an assignment and I added this because this doesn’t happen very often but if this happens I think that its important to know what to do in that situation.


My Memoji may be the simplest thing here but I added it because I think it perfectly capsules who I am in a simple and accurate way. I added a blobfish because that has been my favorite animal for many years even thought its not anymore. I added the monkey because it is currently my favorite animal, sorry blobfish. The controller is there because I love playing video games on my ps4 and I do that for longer than Im willing to admit (I am probably addicted). A soccer ball is on the top right because I am currently playing soccer in a team, the image inside of it is a soccer field. I added the burger and the taco because they are two of my favourites food, I like the taco slightly better though. Inside the taco is a image of me eating a taco, genius right (not really). Finally I added the lawyer thing because I want to be one when Im older (because of Better Call Saul, one of my favorite shows) and I added the keyboard because is the only instrument I play, I started playing it because it looked easy but I was very wrong.


My dream board shows what my dreams and aspirations are, as a learner and as a person. My job, my family even my pet. I may be getting ahead of myself but this is who I want to be for now. I added that I wanted to graduate school because I think that if I don’t do that I can’t go to collage and if I can’t go to collage I can’t accomplish my dream of becoming a lawyer, so because of that I think that graduating school is a very important step in my life. After that I added that I wanted to go to a prestigious collage and I did that for two reasons. The first one is because my dad always wanted me to go to a good collage and he said that it was very important and the second reason is because If I don’t go to a good collage no law firm is ever going to want to hire me (at least not a good firm). I said that I wanted to graduate collage because that is a big milestone in my life, it means that I did something I thought was very hard and that I am one step closer to accomplishing my dreams. I said that I wanted to become a lawyer because its been my dream ever since I saw a tv show called Better Call Saul, I don’t know why but it made me want to become a lawyer (even though the protagonist goes broke many times over the course of the show). In my opinion it’s probably because if it goes well it can pay a lot and it can be a pretty fun job. After this the next step is to buy a house and I did this because this is another big milestone, it means that I have accomplished my dream and Im getting very close to accomplishing my other goal (to become a millionaire). I said that I wanted to start a family because my dad always told me that that was the most important thing in the world, more than money, having a job or anything else you can think of and I wanted to feel the same thing he felt for a family that I started. I know this step is kind of goofy but I chose this because right now I don’t have a pet and I really want to get one (for company and because I want to take care of an animal) and I think that a goose is the best option, its cute and aggresive, the perfect combination. Become a millionaire has always been my biggest goal even as a little kid I wanted to become a millionaire, because I thought that I could buy anything I wanted but now my goal remains the same but my motivation has changed. Now I want to do it because I want to be able to help others and actually make a difference even if its a small one.  I added retirement as more of a conclusion, I already did everything I wanted to do and I lived a good life, now its just time to lay down and relax after working so hard for so many years. Finally I added that I wanted to create a sanctuary for hurt monkeys because I wanted to make even more of a difference and this time Im doing it for the ones who can’t fight back, the hurt monkeys.

So in response to the question “Who are you as a PLP learner?” I am someone who has goals and knows what he wants to accomplish. I am someone who helps others if he knows what to do. I am someone who may make mistakes but does everything in his power to fix them. I am someone who knows himself and knows his weaknesses and strengths and tries to better himself every day. But most of all I am someone who tries his best at everything he does no matter what. 

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