Reflection blogging process

I think the blogging process went amazing because I was able to write down a lot with a lot of detail and I was able to do this because I actually cared about these topics and I already had a lot of knowledge about them. Writing now was different than writing before because I was writing for an audience so I had to keep it entretaining so they wouldn’t get bored. But to be honest I mostly did this for myself, the soccer thing was very important because it reminded me of my grandfather and how much fun we use to have together. The batman thing was important to me because it is a topic I actually care about, I still watch the movies, I still play the games and I still read the comics (even though I didn’t talk about that in the blog). This activity was also very fun because it allowed me to expand on things that I really care about and share it with the world. Knowing my audience totally changed things for me because now I didn’t just have to write down a long blog that was only important to me, now people had to be entertained by it and most of them didn’t know anything about the concepts I was writing about. I think that really showed in my batman blog because I had to explain all these concepts that I knew perfectly to people who have barely even heard who batman is just for my audience. I really enjoyed creating this page because I can finally express my interests, no longer do I need to write long essays about things I just recently found out about now I can finally write about what I care about and I think that is the reason why my essays are so long, because I care about them and I poured my heart and soul into them. I learned that I do actually care what people think, when I first received the news that I had to show this to someone I almost passed out, it was obvious because they told us that we were doing this for an audience but I thought that audience was the teacher, after they finished reading I realized i wasn’t that bad they just gave me there thoughts, what I could fix and what they liked and that made me feel better about this. The hardest thing for me was showing this to the world, I know that its the whole thing of PLP but as I said earlier I poured my heart and soul into this and I would be crushed if someone said it was bad but after hearing the feedback it felt much better because it wasn’t just something mean, it was something helpful which actually helped me to improve my essay and I think this really helped with the fear of rejection I have, now I feel much more comfortable showing my work to others. The easiest thing for me was the writing, surprising I know but it was because I already had prior knowledge about these topics and I care about them a lot, I could probably write for hours if I wanted to but that wouldn’t be too entretaining would it. Finally I will continue to post in my blog because it is slowly going to help me let go of my fear of rejection. I think that fear is what is dragging me down and after I let go of that I think I am going to be able to do way better than this. Im also going to continue to blog because I want to improved my writing, I already think Im a pretty good writer for my age but I think that there is always room for improvement and Im not even close to perfect.

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