Winter Exhibition Reflexion

This movie tells us how some people in today’s society judge people by their ethnicity and it tells us that by showing us how the military don’t really care about the life of the Navi and will get rid of them if its fits their interests and also by calling them names like “Blue monkeys”, “savages” and more. This is present in todays society as shown in many different countries where people have been judged because of their ethnicity and removed of their basic human rights. Another thing this movie tells us is some people in todays society will do anything for money this is shown by the military destroying Pandora and getting rid of the navi just for unobtanium which is a mineral which price is absurdly high. This happens in todays society in the paper industry, corporations destroy entire forests just to get some money. Finally this movie tells us about how some people in our society (governments) should be aggresive to get what they want and in the movie this is shown by the military being extremely aggresive (destroying pandora and getting rid of the Navi) to get what they want (Unobtanium). You can find an example of this in real life how North Korea the government relies on military force to threaten the citizens so they do what they want them to do and think what they want them to think. Some things that went well in this project were how I didn’t need to read off a script and I just said something off the top of my head, another thing that went well is that people seemed to like how it looked and many complimented it. The final thing that went well is that is my room which at the beginning looked terrible and didn’t really fit the theme of corporate greed at all but it ended up working out well as it actually made sense for out theme and all the snacks were related. For what I could improve on I would say that the people in my room (myself included) could have communicated better because here we didn’t really communicate much until the last day so thanks to that we weren’t able to bring costumes or even materials. Another thing that I could improve on is making my box foolproof because before the exhibition my project fell and that affected the look of my box for the whole exhibition, this could have been easily avoided if I had just glued my planet earth to the box. 

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