Small but mighty


This project consisted on three different keystones which are the vaccine source analysis, the immune system character cards and the field journal.

We started with the field journal which in my opinion was the easiest of all of these. This was because you just had to make a presentation regarding what places have the most bacteria (a pretty simple topic if you ask me). The biggest issue I had with that I didn’t really know how to extend in my learning so I just did my best and added a few simple animations. Overall I really enjoyed this project because I don’t really like doing complicated work and I absolutely adore making presentations. Finally in this project I learned that bacteria is everywhere and that washing something really helps with how clean it is.

Then we had to do the immune system character cards which in my opinion was the best. I really enjoyed because I haven’t had the chance to draw that much in any projects recently and I also had a lot of creative freedom which is always fun. In this project we had the different members of our immune system but we got to make them look however we wanted to. We also had to write down their characteristics which was decently fun. The best part was obviously the drawings and in my case I did knights as I was playing medieval types games back then (I still am but not as much). Finally I learned about the different members of the immune system as I previously said but I also learned their functions which I previously didn’t know the smallest thing about.

The last keystone we did in this project is the vaccine source analysis which was a decent project. I personally had a good time researching and customizing my poster but it doesn’t change the fact that this project didn’t have much to differentiate it from the other projects. I wouldn’t really mind doing something like this again but I would prefer to do a project where I am able to express my creativity even more (like the immune system character cards). In this project we learned about how misinformation and bias can affect peoples view points on things but the thing we focused on was vaccines. I personally asked the question “Do vaccines cause autism?” Which is something many people actually believe because of bias and misinformation so I disproved this rumour by doing research.

In conclusion I learned many different things but the most important thing is probably something I haven’t even mentioned previously. This is that procrastination is a horrible thing which can actually affect the quality of my work a pretty good amount, luckily the only thing that was affected here was the quality of my sleep which is still bad but it was only for a few days. For other projects I’m going to do my best to keep up with the class and I won’t play games until I’m done with all my work.

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