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Making an Impact

For the final project of our Grade 10 PLP class, we wanted to give back to our community and show our support and thanks to impact makers in North Vancouver. Our job was to create a portrait and write up… Continue Reading →

Project Podcast

For one of the final projects in PLP 10, we had free reign on what we wanted to learn about. We had to research and inquire. Then communicate this in audio form through our own podcast. The driving question for… Continue Reading →

Summer tPOL 2022

Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?  I feel I am ready to move up to grade 11 as I have progressed greatly in my ability to complete my best work and motivate… Continue Reading →

Currency, Clear-Cuts, and Canada

Throughout my time in the Performance Learning Program, we’ve always covered broad topics, typically historical events not connected to us. In our latest project, we changed that, and connected our learning to our city, Deep Cove and more broadly, North… Continue Reading →

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and How I Achieved This

The 7 habits by Stephen Covey is all about inquiry. You won’t improve yourself simply by reading the book. You need to intake the information and implement it into your life. Immersing yourself in each habit. It’s a 50/50 task… Continue Reading →


I had a rocky start to 2022. Throughout the first term, I noticed I wasn’t as motivated as previous years. I wasn’t motivated to complete assignments, but also, I wasn’t wanting to explore, to learn, and to inquire. The basis… Continue Reading →


For the Second time in PLP, I participated in the Destination Imagination Tournament. The first time was pre-Covid back in March 2020. You can see that post here. Essentially, DI is a tournament where many teams from many different schools… Continue Reading →

WW2 – How it Changed People

As we continue the timeline of history and our learning of it; we stepped into the 1930s, 40s and World War Two. We learnt of both sides, what went into the war, the before and after, and the causes and consequences of… Continue Reading →

Winter mPOL 2022

Throughout my time in grade 10 PLP, I think our class as a whole can agree that grade 10 is a big step up, and much harder than the previous year, grade 9. This doesn’t mean all bad things though…. Continue Reading →

Romeo & Juliet & Gangs

Marking the end of the second semester of grade 10, our final PLP project was regarding Romeo and Juliet, and as a high schooler, one of the most dreaded assignments is reading Romeo and Juliet. But, as a high schooler,… Continue Reading →

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