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6 Videos in 3 Weeks

As we’re nearing the end of the quarter semester, that also means our first round of PLP classes are coming to an end, I am very excited to present to you our ten milestone mega project. It’s called Case for… Continue Reading →

Frunken Stoofys

Now that winter break is right around the corner, our final project has been coming to an end. What we’ve been working on for the last few has been a project called Rise of the Frankenstuffies. It’s another step into… Continue Reading →


I’m back with the second half of this post. We left off on the second draft of our final machine and video and since then we’ve revised our machines two more times with videos along with a large paragraph. We… Continue Reading →

Storm The B-

Now you might think this is just like any ordinary blog post, but it’s actually something new to me called an informative blog post. This is basically a post that we do mid-way through the project to get the readers… Continue Reading →

Running A Remake 🏃💨

Now that the gates have opened and schools are fully operational, so have our classes. But not without the necessary changes and precautions. Now instead of having four classes per day from 8:30 until 3:00 we now have only two… Continue Reading →

Blue Sky

Exhibitions are some of the most important milestones in a PLP students learning career. It shows the overall learning and achievement over a term or even a year. I’ve participated in two exhibitions now, the first one being the STAR-WARS… Continue Reading →

Every Object Tells A Story

As the last project of our Humanities 8 class, we had to go out with a bang. As we’ve dove deeper and deeper into world history, ancient relics, leaders and civilizations, we’ve been moving along a certain timeline. The last… Continue Reading →

My Ultimate Road Trip

The ultimate road trip. It’s not as simple as it seems.  A lot of planning and budgeting goes into it, something we found out in our latest Sciematics project based around this concept. So, with careful planning, budgeting, thinking and… Continue Reading →

Summer TPOL 2020

  Driving Question: I feel I am ready to move onto grade 9 as I have developed and grown as a learner not only according to the curricular competencies but also on my own terms.    Grade 8. Possibly one… Continue Reading →

Digital Camera

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